All About Smart Thermostats | Ask This Old House

All About Smart Thermostats | Ask This Old House

Ways to Effectively Maintain Clean Air in Attached Garages

Unarguably, garages are essential buildings for homeowners with vehicles. This article will tell you things that you can do to minimize permitting noxious substances in your house coming from your garage.

How To Build A Container Home – Do It Yourself Home Construction

Shipping container homes are getting more and more popular these days. People are becoming more practical and resourceful to meet their needs for shelter. The best thing about this kind of house is that you can make one for yourself at a very cost-effective and time-efficient way.

Bush Fire Protection And Your Home

Gutter Guardian Manufacturing Pty Ltd have been manufacturers of Aluminium Gutter Guards for over 25yrs. Over the years we have come across common questions that people ask concerning their choice of gutter protection. With recent changes to government and shire legislations regarding fire prevention and, the introduction of the new BAL legislation there seems to be much more confusion over the subject. We have written this article in an effort to help people become more informed about this important subject and, hopefully better enable them to make informed choices about protecting their home.

DIY Roman Shades – Installation Options

Installation considerations often define the style of roman shade that may work best for the DIY’er. Common installation types include inside mount, outside mount, and hybrid mount techniques. Each of these presents some benefits and some complexities. The DIY’er as designer, engineer, and fabricator and will choose the best alternative. Presented in this article is information that will simplify these decisions.

Types and Functions of Brushes

When someone mentions brushes, what comes to your mind? Cleaning, painting, combing hair or polishing? The fact that they can be associated with so many tasks simply shows how versatile brushes are.

Restoring A Staircase Rather Than Replacing It!

Only a decade or so back it was all the rage to rip out anything old a replace it with something brand new, such as taking out an old Victorian staircase and replacing it with a completely new one in exactly the same style. Yet eventually this practice was brought in to question with many people asking themselves “Why not keep the old staircase and restore it instead?” And now many people are doing just that, with the realisation that not only is it far cheaper to restore an old staircase, but you also end up…

Why Is It Nice To Have A Telescopic Adjustable Ladder?

When it comes to working on projects around the house, ladders are one of the first things that people use to help them with their projects. Ladders assist you when you are simply needing to change a light bulb or if you are working on a larger project around the house such as painting or needing access to the roof. The thing is, sometimes there are situations in which the standard ladder does not provide you access to the areas that you need. This is where having a telescopic or adjustable ladder makes things a lot easier.

Minimising The Cost For Loft Conversion – 3 Points To Consider

The cost for your loft conversion can vary wildly and depends largely on what kind of loft you are seeking to put in place. Here are three points to consider before you make any decisions.

Installing Underground Drainage Pipes

The width of the trench should be the size of the pipe (usually 110mm in domestic situations) plus 300mm. Hence for a standard 110mm pipe the trench width should be 410mm. Many small diggers come with a bucket that is this size for exactly that reason.

DIY Roman Shades – Movable Art

Roman shades have long been appreciated for their efficiency, simplicity, and even ease of construction. We have now come to recognize a special value that they embody. Roman shades can be a form of movable art. By preparing a painting or using a fabric-based art object such as a handmade quilt, it is possible to marry the function of the roman shade with art and create movable window art.