Antique Wallpaper Restoration | Ask This Old House

Antique Wallpaper Restoration | Ask This Old House

Basement Mold Prevention

What’s the easiest way to prevent basement mold? Discover the answer here.

How to Install a Great Kitchen Countertop

Installing a new counter top in an existing kitchen is a great way to enhance the kitchens looks and add some value as well. Most kitchen counters are twenty-four inches deep and always look crowded and cluttered. Appliances such as toasters, mixers and blenders for example, can occupy so much space that there is little left for food preparation. In my home kitchen, the counters were tired and scratched and in need of replacement. Since the kitchen is quite large, I made a decision to make a drastic change. My cabinets are installed in an ell shape and were not being replaced. However, once the counter tops were removed, I could easily access the screws that held the cabinets to the wall studs. By removing the mounting screws I could pull the entire unit of cabinets away from the wall another six inches in one piece. The only cabinet work required was to install two new six inch fillers at each end of the cabinet run. I could not find any ready made stained filler materials to match so I used plain white pine and stained it an offsetting color.

Storage Shed Kits for Starters

Storage shed kits are made for the amateur builder that does not feel they have the construction skills or knowledge to build a shed of their own or for those who just want a basic shed that is easy to build. Although, using a shed kit has its advantages as well. Storage shed kits include building materials, pre-cut to the precise sizes.

How to Maintain Your Home or Property on a Tight Budget

For most couples, a home is their largest investment. Keeping up with home maintenance is a daunting task for some, but a necessary one if you want to keep your home healthy. Finding a professional company to properly maintain your home is essential to keeping your home healthy and your wallet full.

How to Install a Brick Paver Sidewalk

Installing brick pavers can produce a multitude of patterns and colors, all chosen by the DIY’er. There are just tons of brick paver sizes, shapes and colors available at home centers and masonry suppliers today. Make sure you take the time to visit several sellers before picking out the final products for your walkways. Installing a paver walkway is not very difficult but does require a good deal of manual labor. If the walkway is not directly adjacent to an area that the pallets can be placed when delivered, then the amount of labor increases as you have to move the pavers over a distance to the actual work area. This is the area of work where friends can be a great help. Start your project by…

Noisy Toilet

Do you have a toilet that keeps you awake all hours of the night? Does it gurgle, run and even flush by itself? The fix can be very simple with no need to even purchase new parts.

Solar Energy – Build Your Own Solar Water Heater

Solar energy is becoming a popular source of free energy for our homes. Why is it becoming so popular? Energy from the sun is free energy, and any DIY projects that you complete using solar energy will show almost instant savings. Solar hot water heating will show the most dollar saving. A hot water heater in your home makes up for approximately 33% of your energy cost. Reducing this cost by establishing a solar hot water system can save you money almost instantly.

Using New Technology to Cut Household Costs

These days devices that enable more control of our own lives — and that of others — are very common. The likes of smart phones are owned by millions in the developed world, with the number of owners only increasing as time goes by — and why not? Why not own devices that make our lives easier, connect us more which each other and enable us a little more control in our busy lives?

How-To Guide to DIY Solar Power – 3 Ways To Construct Your Own Solar Panels

Downloading a how-to guide to DIY solar power panel construction will provide you all the information required to build your own residential solar energy generating system. Including both systematic design and wiring schematics, these technical guidelines and full instructions make assembling your own photovoltaic home solar panels simple to accomplish, and affordable. Once available only to wealthy homeowners, now a home solar electric producing system is attainable to anyone with basic construction skills.

Plans for Sheds, Choosing Made Simple

How to easily cut through the clutter of competing shed plans. Selecting the shed plan that matches your needs made simple.