ASK This Old House | All About Walkways (S19 E3) FULL EPISODE

ASK This Old House | All About Walkways (S19 E3) FULL EPISODE

How to Make a Quick and Easy Compost Bin

Compost bins are becoming more widely used today as more and more people are planting gardens and doing their own landscaping work. There a quite a few ready made bins and compost drums available but if you have sufficient space for a pile and don’t mind a little work, you can build this one for pennies.

Reasons to Opt for Solar Kits

Technological innovations have touched our lives in more ways than we can possibly calculate. Wherever we look, we can find an instance of technology reminding us of the progress man has made over the years.

How to Build a Wooden Arch Bridge

Building a wooden arch bridge is not as hard as it sounds. Using two by twelve inch pressure treated boards for the main joist or beams is the trick. After selecting the site where you want the bridge to sit, measure across the water and add four feet or so to the width of the water below. You want the boards to span the stream in one piece and still bear on the ground on each side between one and two feet for support. Start off by preparing your footings for the ends of the beams to rest upon. You can use concrete or flat stones if you have them large enough but concrete will provide one level area for the full width of the bridge to sit on. If one end moves, they both move with the frost heave and so on. Dig a trench the width of the bridge, and about a foot wide and a foot deep on both ends of the bridge. Now pour…

How to Build a Small Flat Wooden Bridge for Your Stream

Building a flat wooden bridge can really be great fun and involve the entire family as a project. We have a small stream running to our lake that in most areas is about ten feet wide. The embankments are about three feet high on each side so we chose one of those areas for our bridge. I decided to make three large beams as support for the walkway. I chose six, two inch by twelve inch, by fourteen foot, pressure treated planks for the support beam materials. Each of these planks are quite heavy for one person to handle so I moved them one by one to the place where they would ultimately end up at the stream. Next, I dug two trenches, one on each side of the stream, to construct footings to support the three wooden beams. Using the largest, flattest, stones…

Outdoor Storage Shed Plans – Learn How to Construct An Outdoor Shed

If you are one who dabbles in gardening or DIY projects, then you must have a collection of tools and they need storage space. The ideal place for them is a shed where you can store them neatly and always know where a tool is when you need it.

Countertop Home DIY Project Easier Than You Think

Your home DIY kitchen countertop can be a work of art. It’s more fun and easier than you may think to design and install a countertop that is uniquely yours. Assemble necessary tools like you would ingredients for a recipe.

Those Pesky Ice Dams

Ice dams on a roof can be worrisome. There cause is simple and prevention can be as well. Avoid those ice dams and install some prevention.

Woodworking Books – How To Choose The Book That’s Right For You

When it comes to woodworking books, there are plenty of options out there for you to choose from. You have likely spent some time, and maybe some money, trying to find one that suits your needs. If you have been frustrated with your search so far, do not give up! There are plenty of good guides available, but you have to know what you are looking for. Here I will discuss the features that I think are most important when considering a woodworking book.

3 Things a Handyman Service Should Always Know

If you are handyman and have a service that you would like people to know about, then this article is for you. If you have a handyman business and would like to get more word of mouth referrals, more exposure for your business, and more business than you can handle, then it is important for you to know a few of these things.

Can Handyman Services Help With Your Repairs?

Most times we get so busy with our lives that we literally ignore all seemingly those little things that when ignored, can easily result in the deterioration of the home, surroundings or environment. Overlooking that broken pipe, ignoring the blocked sink, the clogged pipe, the peeling paints, leaking roof among others can soon wreck any place regardless of how expensive the property might be or what was used to build and construct it.