ASK This Old House | All About Windows (S19 E5) FULL EPISODE

ASK This Old House | All About Windows (S19 E5) FULL EPISODE

How to Draw Plans and Expedite Permits Yourself For Single-Story Home Additions (Part 1)

Once decided what kind of addition you are planning (master bedroom addition, kitchen addition, living room addition, etc), the next step is to visit your local Planning and Building departments. These departments are usually branch out at your City Hall and/or County Building. What to ask to your Planning Department Prior to your visit, is a good idea to sketch a Site Plan of your property and locate the existing house’ structure along with the new addition and setback distances from all four sides.

How to Build a Home Bar

It’s a part of the beer enthusiast’s life to head out and grab a beer from our favorite drinking hole. We love all kinds of bars. The dive is a relaxing joint while the club is where we can meet new and interesting people. But, we can’t live out in the bars all the time even though we’d love it. We eventually have to break away and come home to the families and the household responsibilities. That’s why building a home bar makes us feel like home when we’re home.

All About Buying Power Drills

There are people who love to do home improvement projects on their own. With the availability of the different power tools to help in the different tasks, this would be an easy thing to do. With a power tool these projects can be done in less time with less effort.

Shed Doors – Choosing Doors That Will Best Fit Your Shed

Building a shed is time-consuming and challenging, but having plenty of storage space can be extremely helpful. Aside from the foundation, framing and roof, one of the most important but often overlooked aspect building sheds are selecting the doors that are right for your shed.

How to Install Solar Panels: UL Certified Panels VS Non-UL Certified Panels

If you’ve bought yourself some solar power panels, you’re probably eager to get them put in place and charging your battery bank. Before you do, however, let’s make sure you are doing the work properly, as well as safely. When installing solar power panels, the first thing you want to do is find out if they are UL certified. UL certification is a government manufacturing certification. UL certified systems have been subjected to thorough safety and quality testing. Do-it-yourself products, along with many professionally made ones, aren’t UL certified. Why is it necessary to get this information before installing solar systems?

Shed Siding – Which Siding Material Should I Install?

Having a shed allows you to have additional storage space outside your home. May it be made to store your wood or for gardening, you need to plan how to carefully build all of its parts so your costs don’t go up. Determining the materials to use for your shed siding is crucial if you want to build a sturdy and functional shed.

Pergola Plans – Make Your Place Beautiful!

If you wish to spend more enjoyable time in your backyard then you’d better make more appealing! Are you truly enjoying your family gatherings such as dinners during those humid summer nights or have a barbecue party with family along with friends? If so the pergola is absolutely the most excellent place for an out-of-doors occasion.

Getting Ready For Home Repairs

Sprucing up your home is important to keep it running well and to have it look nice. Here is some advice when wondering whether to seek the help of professionals in outdoor projects.

Tradesman And DIY

Anyone eager to update their bathroom furniture while bearing in mind the latest fashions have been advised that warm tones are proving to be popular right now, most notably maple. White and two-tones are also proving to be big trends at the moment, while a number of people appear to like glazing as well.

Repairing Chips and Scratches in Dryall and Wood Work

I have provided some tips and pointers on how to repair scratches, dents, and gouges in drywall and how to paint the finished patch. Included are some pointers on how to match or recover old paint.