ASK This Old House | All Hands On Deck (S19 E1) FULL EPISODE

ASK This Old House | All Hands On Deck (S19 E1) FULL EPISODE

Shed Designs – Which To Choose And How To Build Them

Building a shed is a great way to provide yourself with some extra space without the need to actually make any alterations to your own home. Aside from them being used as a storage facility or workspace, they can also be used by the family as an extra room in the summertime. Of course most people who set up a shed in their gardens will use theirs for storing garden tools and other equipment that isn’t needed.

Installing Wood Siding

In installing wood siding, many individuals make the mistake of not sealing it prior to installment. It is extremely important to protect the wood and ensure that the stain or paint applied later will last.

A Closer Look At Wood Siding

Wood siding is a low maintenance and less expensive option with a natural beauty. No siding enjoys more success than wood. The availability of lower maintenance siding options did not take away the popularity of wood siding with consumers.

How to Install a Tile Floor

Installing a VCT or vinyl tile floor is really pretty easy for the do it your selfer once you have the basics in place. The tools required are a good set of knee pads, a chalk line, tape measure, pencil, aluminum knife with extra blades and depending on how large an area you are doing, perhaps a dolly to roll boxes of tile along with you as you install them. Sliding full boxes of tile along gets to be a real chore, real fast. Once the room has had all the old flooring removed, areas patched and then swept and vacuumed really well to remove all traces of dirt you may begin your floor layout for the tile. In almost all cases you want to center a row tile in the center of the entry door to the room. If you are creating a fancy pattern in the room, the tile may have to be centered on the room itself. Assuming in this case, all the tile is the same color, the tile should be centered on the doorway. Using the door center line, place a chalk line mark the full width or length of the room as…

Rubber Garage Floor Tiles For A Great Space

Most people take their garages for granted. Why this happens is pretty obvious; your garage is not really all that significant. You might repair your car or conduct a few handyman projects, but overall most people do not hang out much in their garages.

DIY Tiki Bar

Building your own tiki bar can be a rewarding project. If you are a do-it-your-self type person then this project might excite you. A “day tiki bar” can be built in a week with the proper instructions and tools. I consider a set of plans as the best tool you can have, especially if this might be your first big project. Ok let’s get started with a list of things you will need to build your backyard paradise.

Secrets to Building Good Concrete Footings

Building good concrete footings is really no secret and requires some basic rules that are easy to follow but are also easy to ignore. No matter what the structure is that is going to sit on your footings, be it a house, a shed or a deck, if the footing is weak or sits on unstable soils the footing is useless. Almost all good construction drawings will have some details as to the size of the footings required, strength of the concrete the architect requires and so on. Using 2000 pound concrete where 4000 pound is required, is a sure bet the footing will fail. Cheating on the footing size or making it ten inches deep instead of the required twelve inches, means the building is sitting on a weak footing. Weak footings mean cracked foundation walls at least and failure at the worst. If you are having the work done for you take the time to measure the forms before the contractor pours the concrete. Ask to see the concrete delivery ticket to assure the proper strength concrete was used. Better yet, check the ticket before they pour. Truck drivers are used to having…

Ryan Henderson

Creating something is not an easy task. Besides the inspiration that one needs to be able to build things out of raw materials, one should also have skills. Carpentry is one of those crafts.

Pole Barn Plans

There are professional and reliable pole barn plans which are helpful and useful in creating the best home addition for your property. Contemporary pole barns are used with versatile purposes including goat barn, horse stable and greenhouses. Good portfolio of plans for pole barns is the key to a successful home project.

Adirondack Chair Plans – Build Your Own

Adirondack chairs are highly popular and preferred throughout the years because of its innumerable features. This is a very versatile type of furniture which you could use in different occasions and guarantee comfort and aesthetic value. Hence, the importance of finding Adirondack chair plans could help if you are thinking of embarking upon this woodworking project.