ASK This Old House | Ceiling Light, Tool Storage (S18 E12) FULL EPISODE

ASK This Old House | Ceiling Light, Tool Storage (S18 E12) FULL EPISODE

Foreclosure Furniture Decorating: The Kid’s Way

The children are growing up and one begins to realize they need a larger home for each child. Many families shy away from buying a large home because of the costs. However, there is another way to find a larger home for a family without wiping the finances away. This can be accomplished through purchasing a foreclosed home. These types of homes are sold at banks, auctions and even government housing agencies.

Installing a Luxurious Spa Tub in the Bathroom: Steps to Take to Replace That Older Standard Bathtub

A homeowner’s guide to removing a standard bathtub and installing a new spa tub in its place. Spa tubs are a fantastic invention. They are deeply relaxing – perfect for escaping the stress of daily life. The jets and ergonomic shapes are great for bodies in need of care, whether you’re suffering from arthritis, sports injuries, or just soreness from working all day. Installing a spa tub in your own bathroom is a serious undertaking, but it is within your reach!

How To Cure For Balky Doors

There are three main causes for stubborn and unruly doors. The first and most common is that of improperly adjusted hinges. The second possibility is distortion of the door so that it no longer fits the frame. And the third, more prevalent in older houses, is distortion of the frame so that it no longer fits the door.

Instruction Of Plaster Walls

Installing rock lath, the base to which wall plaster is applied, is not a difficult job and requires only a few tools. If you can swing a hammer or cut wire with tin snips or read a carpenter’s level, you can do your own lathing. For speed and convenience, invest in a lathing hatchet. If you prefer to use your own hammer, you’ll have to score and cut the lath with a knife, which takes longer.

How To Create A Custom Art Piece in Minutes

I recently redesigned my living area and I have a fireplace mantel that would be a perfect display space for a piece of art. I am not much of an artist but I want to create a one-of-a-kind abstract or funky art piece for my home. Do you have an easy fool proof technique you can recommend?

How To Finish For Walls

The walls of your home are never mere enclosures for your furniture or dividers between rooms. You and your family live with your walls every day of your life. They influence your selection of furniture and, frequently, your moods. The range of wall coverings is so wide that there’s little reason why any family shouldn’t have exactly what they like. Whether you choose the dignity of mahogany or walnut paneling, the color and easy maintenance of ceramic tile, the luxury of leather or the simplicity of paint, you will find it all easy to apply.

Simple, Easy Do It Yourself Driveway Repair: Sealing Cracks in Asphalt and Filling Holes in Concrete

A simple step-by-step guide to repairing concrete and asphalt driveways. The driveway is often the first part of your home that guests experience. If it has experienced a lot of wear and tear, that is not the best first impression you can make. You may feel that you can’t fix it, but in reality it is pretty simple to repair the driveway and improve curb appeal.

How to Strip Old Wallpaper From Foreclosure Homes

Wallpaper can be old, stained or ugly. If the walls of a foreclosure home have wallpaper, be sure to trip them off before settling in for the long haul. One can choose to hire a specialist to get rid of the old peeling wallpaper, but this would be an extra expense. There are many areas on the Internet and video blogs that may help in doing this without a professional.

Is Carpet or a Hard Surface Floor Better for Your Home If You Have Pets?

If you have pets, vinyl flooring is the only solution for your home’s floors. Carpet requires too much upkeep and is prone to being torn up by dogs and cats. Vinyl flooring requires almost no maintenance and can be easily swept.

How to Replace a Ceiling Light Fixture Like a Pro!

Switching a ceiling light fixture in a room seems like a simple change, but it makes a huge difference in the design. Luminaries come in many different styles and colors, but changing one for another requires only a few tools and minutes to do it yourself. Here’s a how-to you can easily follow to correctly and safely install a new fixture.