ASK This Old House | Mantel, Too Many Light Switches (S18 E23) FULL EPISODE

ASK This Old House | Mantel, Too Many Light Switches (S18 E23) FULL EPISODE

An Investment to Gain That Much Needed Extra Space

According to The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in August 2012 many houses are selling at a reduced value in order to achieve a house sale. The West Midlands is one of the worst hit areas according to new research, so why not eliminate that risk of losing money and INVEST into your home.

How You Can Build Cheap Sheds Yourself At A Fraction Of The Cost

There are many different ways you can cut down the cost when it comes to building your own cheap sheds by using a few simple strategies and knowing where you can find discounted building materials. These are all simple tips that anyone can use and can help you save up to 60% on the cost of the materials that are required in the building process.

How To Insulate Cheap Garden Sheds

Having a shed in your backyard provides you with a means of storing your tools and making sure they are secure from the weather. Sometimes you need to add a little bit of insulation to these cheap garden sheds in order to provide maximum protection from the outside elements that could potentially ruin your equipment.

Tips to Take Care of Your Hardwood Flooring

You wouldn’t want the beauty of your hardwood to suddenly end one day because of grit, dirt, and other stains and discoloration. These simple tips of do’s and don’ts will save you time and money in the future.

Post-Winter Home Improvement Repair Tips

This time of year, winter storms affect the country on a regular basis. And, in areas that generally experience warmer weather conditions, water damage is typically a threat for many homeowners. A few tips from home improvement specialists will help in preventing and/or dealing with these issues.

Get Rid Of Stink Bugs Using Various Tactics

Stink bugs are among the pests that can potentially wreak havoc in a home. Learn to get rid of stink bugs to eliminate their odor and other problems they can cause.

This Home Energy Manual Was Designed For You

A decade ago when a group of young entrepreneurs carried out sample surveys on the various uses of energy in different households, they involved a cross section of people across many states. Surprisingly, except for expressing their grievance over the high cost of energy, most people were either unaware or unconcerned about the renewable or alternate sources of energy.

Add Value To Your Home With These Home Improvement Tips

Home improvement can dramatically increase the value of any home if done correctly. This article aims to guide you through some of the best ways to improve your home for yourself, whilst adding value to your property.

How To Use A Handyman Service

There is no need to stress over the ongoing maintenance projects or when items break at your home when you have a handyman. Once you find the handyman that suits your needs, save his name and number for your honey-do list!

How to Clean and Seal Your Deck in Five Easy Steps

Cleaning and sealing your deck can add years of service as well as make it look great. This can be a great DIY project in only five easy steps. Let me walk you though the step by step project to get your deck ready for some serious summer fun!