ASK This Old House | Mini Split, Butcher Block (S19 E13) FULL EPISODE

ASK This Old House | Mini Split, Butcher Block (S19 E13) FULL EPISODE

Make Your Own Solar Panels – 5 Good Reasons Why You Need To

Every time when you consider going green at home, you might think of making your own solar panels. Most probably this idea came across your mind for about few seconds or minutes and you had concluded that its way too hard. However, if you actually take action and search for more information about it, you will definitely found that it is not hard at all!

Solve O-Ring Problem in Taps

Repairing a leaky tap is not a herculean task, as many people think. The solution lies in finding the root cause of the problem. Here I will explain how to fix a problem that arises due to the O-ring in your tap. These steps below will show you in detail how to deal with problems in the O-ring. When the leak is around the spindle beak, at the bottom of the tap, it is usually due to defect in the O-ring seal and is seen mainly seen in the bell-shaped lid with spindle when the kitchen is cold. This may be because of constant usage of soap water and wet hands on the stem of the pipe.

Fix Your Washer Problems Without Repairman

A leaky tap repair is normally very easy. All you have to do is identify what causes the leak and then try to fix that problem. Most frequently, leaks are due to problems with the washer and repairing is a simple task. Remember that washers can be placed and arranged in two different ways. Either using a nut or by using a pin. The nut is mostly closed because of lime deposits or perhaps even due to the flatness of the surface. You just need to do is follow the following steps:

How to Fix Jumper Valve Issues in a Tap

The most irritating noise imaginable is a leaky tap or dripping faucet, and it usually indicates your tap needs to be repaired or changed. Acquiring a new tap and replacing the old one is a common practice, in fact it is an effortless task to repair leaky taps on your own. There are lots of reasons as to why your tap leaks. The three most common reasons may be defect in the washer of your tap, fault in your jumper valve or defect in your O ring. Here we shall deal with how to repair your tap if the defect is in the jumper valve. The following steps will make it easy for you:

Do It Yourself Blackjack Table Plans

If you are handy with tools and enjoy do it yourself projects you may want to build your own blackjack table. Any woodworker can do it with our easy to use step by step blackjack table plans.

How to Properly Sand Wood Before Staining It

Sanding a piece of wood sounds simple but done incorrectly can ruin even the finest piece of wood or furniture forever. Deciding what steps are required to obtain a surface suitable for staining is the first thing to do. Has the wood been painted or stained before? Has the wood ever been sealed?

How to Reinforce a Stone Foundation Wall With a New Concrete Wall

Many older homes have foundations made of field stone that may over time have sagged or bowed from the elements pushing on the stones. Since no mortar as we know it today was used the stones can easily shift. If there has been serious total collapse of the stone wall, total replacement is necessary. If the problem is less severe, a new concrete reinforcing wall may be in order. If you have an earthen basement floor the job is even easier.

How to Easily Start a Home Reconstruction Project

You have decided that the time for reconstruction of your home has come and you want to renew it regarding the latest fashion designs. However, where should be the start point of your reconstruction? To help yourself with the repair of your home, you must know first what exactly you want to change in it and what parts of the house will be affected by the repair.

Decorating Ideas for a Vintage Wine Barrel

Vintage decor is quickly becoming a fashion trend, as we find beautiful and stylish pieces that suit our modern tastes or discover great bargains that just cannot be passed up. There are many different ways that a great find like this can be incorporated into your modern decor, without taking away from the natural beauty or hiding it behind something more modern.

Tricks for Installing Solar Panels

Over the last few years I have learned different ways of installing solar panels and I would like to share some tricks I use. What I am showing you here applies to solar panels you build yourself and store bought types. I like to call these tricks but I have been doing this type of work for years, resulting in everyday routine for me.