ASK This Old House | Preventing Plumbing Disasters (S19 E2) FULL EPISODE

ASK This Old House | Preventing Plumbing Disasters (S19 E2) FULL EPISODE

Fixing Your Rimless Glasses

The trends for glasses keep changing with rimless ones being one of the most popular type of glasses. There are several reasons why these rimless glasses are popular. One, they provide high levels of comfort owing to their light size. These rimless glasses are also stylish, trendy and easy to wear. However, the drawback is that these glasses are not very durable. Therefore, if you own a rimless pair of spectacles as I do, you may need to carry out minor repairs.

Want To Learn Woodworking? Learn Basic Skills With Step By Step Woodworking Projects

If you’ve developed an interest in woodworking, and decided you’re ready to pursue it as a hobby, that’s great! It’s an excellent skill set to develop, a rewarding pastime, and can provide you and your family with useful items.

Comparing Shed Plans: The Less Obvious Considerations

When you are comparing shed plans, there are a number of things to consider. Your budget and the price to complete the project are obvious considerations. But there are other important factors you might overlook. Here’s a look at some of the less obvious considerations.

How Building a Shed Benefits You

How are you going to use the shed? You are actually asking the question, how is the shed going to benefit me? You are building a shed for the benefits it gives you.

How to Begin to Renovate a Hundred Plus Year Old Home

Renovating a hundred plus year old home is no job for a lightweight handyman. You will find all kinds of problems that need a quick answer and you may not have anyone nearby that can answer them. Homes of that era may have a stone foundation, knob and tube wiring and framing that follows no logical order by today’s standards. If you can think on your feet and know where to get the answers you need, performing a renovation of this kind can be richly rewarding. You must at first setup some type of plan of attack. Does the foundation need repair work? Is the basement area dry? Is there a lot debris to be carted away from the home? Is the power supply on at this time? Is the water supply or well working? All of these need to be answered before you pickup a broom or a hammer. A day or two spent laying out the work and prioritizing the list may save you countless dollars and work hours later on.

How to Build a Stone Lamp Post

Building a stone lamp post out of rock from your own homestead is not only Green building but also cheap. Aside from the wire, lamp,metal conduit and a little mortar, the post materials themselves are lying on stone walls everywhere. My area has an abundance of nice flat, one to two inch thick slates. Many large pieces were quarried for sidewalks in the cities and towns nearby in the 1800’s and are still in use today. You can cut the rocks of course but if you want all weathered faces, you will have to pick from the tops of the stone walls for materials. A nice sized post can be made from stones about twelve inches square or so. If the post is to be much bigger, you need only have one or two good edges on the stones. Save one larger flat stone for the top of the lamppost. Excavate a footing hole about two feet deep in warm climes and four feet in snow areas. A twelve inch square post should have a concrete footing about sixteen inches square and a foot thick. Four pieces of 1/2 inch reinforcing bar cross wise will give added strength.

My Woodworking Projects: How I Choose Projects That Produce Results

I’m not a professional. I’m not even an expert. But when I have guests, someone always admires a shelf or end table or other woodworking project I have on display in my home. They don’t know they’re my woodworking projects; they’re just complimenting the furniture itself.

Common Ways To Redo Your Basement

The basement is a great room to have in your home. Learn how you can finish it and turn it into something different and useful.

Woodworking Projects: Sand by Hand for a Satiny Finish

Woodwork project plans like to make light of the finishing process. At least, some of them do. Yards of diagrams and typed instructions in carpentry project plans detail the placement of every cut, every nail, every screw.

Steamy Content – What Exactly Is a Steam Shower?

In my daily and sometimes evening shower experiences, I have noticed an interesting phenomenon that others may have noticed as well. When using hot water, as I typically do, my shower begins to fill up with – you guessed it – STEAM! Does this mean I have a steam shower? The answer, technically, is no. I do not have a steam shower. What exactly is a steam shower?