ASK This Old House | Working from Home (S19 E26) FULL EPISODE

ASK This Old House | Working from Home (S19 E26) FULL EPISODE

Tips To Keep Your Paving Bricks Looking As Good As New

Paving bricks are a simple and relatively cost effective way to liven up those boring areas around your house. With a bit of creativity a couple of bricks can quickly turn any driveway, pathway, walkway or other area into something for the eye. Paving bricks come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. Therefore it is not necessary to stick to the dull and predictable!

Damp Proofing For Beginners

We’ve all experienced that dreadful feeling when you walk into your living room after some heavy rain just to find your expensive suede couch covered in water! As with most things in life, prevention is better than cure, therefore it is important to properly damp proof your home correctly from the start. Once water or moisture manages to sneak in it is a very difficult and expensive thing to put a stop to. Never settle for a builder without proper qualifications – you might just end up with a home that is pretty much as waterproof as a spider web!

White Duct Tape – Upgrade Your Ordinary Household Repairs

Duct tape, or duck tape, is a popular choice for repairs or uses that call for a flexible tape that’s very sticky, and very strong. The most common color available is gray, which is a neutral color that allows it to be a multipurpose tape that can be used in many situations. White duct tape is also available to give a more professional look, or blend in with white surfaces.

Homemade Solar Panel DIY

Looking to make a homemade solar panel? This will help!

TV Brackets and LCD TVs Make Great Partners

When you purchase a LCD or Plasma TV, the first idea that comes to mind is hanging it on the wall and watching your shows similar to the cinema. You can accomplish this dream by matching your TV with a set of TV brackets.

TV Brackets Should Be Suited to the TV

There are so many TV brackets with varying designs and colors to choose from. It becomes confusing and difficult to select the right one for your TV. There are guidelines that you can follow to help determine the right TV bracket for your TV.

TV Brackets Can Benefit Users in Many Ways

Many people look at TV brackets as essential accessories to hold the television in place on the walls. They don’t realize the other benefits that TV brackets bring into their lives.

TV Brackets Can Resolve Neck Strains

Watching your favorite television programs on a flat screen can be very enjoyable. Don’t ruin your happiness by ending up with a strained neck. TV brackets can help you watch in comfort and ease.

Why Home Remodelling Is Not the Only Way to Get a Bigger Bathroom

A spacious bathroom is something that many homeowners dream of. Indeed, you may have experienced your own bathroom envy after visiting a friend’s house and admiring their freestanding bath or generous floor space.

DIY Double Glazing – How to Fit a Window on Your Own

If you are considering DIY double glazing, you need to think about a few things that will allow you to fit a window correctly. You need to find out what is currently in fashion and determine the style that will best suit your house.