Baseball Bat Display Case | Ask This Old House

Baseball Bat Display Case | Ask This Old House

What It Takes to Start a Woodworking Business

In this article I explain what you should be careful about when freshly entering a woodworking business. The article features some woodworking ideas and marketing plans for woodworking newcomers.

Woodworking Plans and Other Things You Need to Know

The article covers some important things you need to know if you want to be a woodworker. It also dispels a popular misconception about saving money.

When It Comes To Water Damage the Clock Is Ticking!

Water damage happens quickly. Time is of the essence and this simple walk through will help you handle the crisis effectively and efficiently.

Searching for a Simple Woodworking Project?

Ideas can come from many places. The article discusses some of them, hints you where you can find your own inspirations and warns you what you should be careful about when attempting to make your own project.

Helical Fixings – A Much Easier Solution

If you are building a new house or are having to carry out corrective work to stop a wall from buckling, then the chances are that you will need to use some form of structural fixing, be it a traditional wall tie for use in a new building, or a helical fixing for use in replacing an older wall tie. Occasionally in older houses the wall ties may need replacing to prevent any “Slumping” of the walls. This used to be a very expensive and long winded task, requiring major work by a specialist contractor to replace them, often…

Why 12 X 12 Wood Sheds Are So Popular

One of the things that is asked quite a bit is what shed is the most popular. While there is no statistic out there to confirm, our experience shows that one of the better selling wooden storage units is the 12 x 12 wood shed.

Sew Your Own Roman Shades

Create your own roman shades with these easy to follow tips and directions. By creating your own custom roman shades, you can easily get the perfect window treatment that suits all of your home accessories and decor.

Storage Shed Plans – Picking The Right Design for Building a Storage Shed

In today’s digital world there are countless shed plans available in every shape and design possible. As time passes the clutter in your home grows and starts becoming a problem in your daily life. This makes you take the decision of building a shed for storing all the extra things in your house.

Picking the Best Shed Plan for You: Some Essential Tips

A detailed and easy to follow shed plan is, quite possibly, one of the most important components of building a high quality shed. While there are many shed kits that you can buy, building your own with a shed plan allows you to construct a shed that not only fits your storage needs, but also your design preference. However, with so many shed plans available to you, there are a few factors that you should consider.

Picking the Best Shed Plan for You: Some Worthwhile Tips

So you’ve decided that you’d prefer to build your own shed rather than buy a prefabricated shed kit. Whether you are looking for increased durability, or a little more flexibility in the look and purpose of your shed, you definitely made the right choice. However, you now face the tough task of finding a shed design that will best suit your needs