Build a DIY Wood Plank Wall Planter | House One | This Old House

Build a DIY Wood Plank Wall Planter | House One | This Old House

If I Had a Hammer

Next time you look at a hammer, just think, it is the tool that first differentiated between humans and animals. Hammers were the very first tools humans shaped and used, and not even the most intelligent species of ape has managed to achieve that. Even in today’s world, if you need to provide a sharp impact from your arm to an object, then there is no better tool than a hammer.

Wood Shed Plans – Crucial Elements

Wood shed plans are one of the best investments one can make if they intend to pursue a project in shed building. However, it is important to first learn what crucial elements make up a great set of plans!

Fireplace Mantels – The Early Styles

  In the early evolution of the fireplace mantel – from the primitive wood or peat fire lit on a slab of stone during the Saxon times through the mediaeval period when the fireplace mantel evolved into a considerably more efficient edifice – the most important room was the common hall. The Saxon dwelling, whether it was a royal castle, a manor house, or a lowly one-room cottage, was built around the fireplace. Rooms could be added on at different stages of the life of the house, but the fireplace was the hub of early…

Stone Fire Pit Ideas – Will These Dramatically Turn Your Lifeless Backyard?

What if some stone fire pit ideas could dramatically bring a lifeless, monotonous backyard into an area where your family friends and loved ones would hang around and spend hours upon hours of barbecuing while enjoying pleasant conversations? The good thing about having a stone fire pit in your backyard is while it is being used, people are always amaze at the fire it produces – the flame to cook your marshmallows and steak, the warmth it brings to the chilly nights and the light it spreads to…

Steps Involved in Making a Garage Attic

As there are garages in simple design, there are also those that can be constructed having several storage kinds. An example of the latter can include one with an attic. In constructing an attic in a garage, here are the steps to take.

How to Build Composter, and Begin the Road to a Greener Planet

Want to do your part in making the world a little bit better and save yourself some money as well? How about turning yard waste and kitchen scraps into organic fertilizer. You’ll be saving space in nearby landfills and saving yourself the cost of buying fertilizer for your plants.

Ten Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like New

When you walk into your home, does the look and feel of its style make you want to just walk back out? If you are tired of your home’s current decor, but your budget won’t allow you to remodel or redecorate completely, what do you do?   You look for inexpensive and easy ways to transform the look and feel of your home.

Top Tips for Installing Electrical In-Floor Heating

It may be summer now, but chances are you are already thinking of the many home improvement projects you have to complete before winter arrives. You have all the tools, the industrial fasteners, and the materials set out, and you are ready to take on just about any project you need to in order for your home to stay warm and toasty once the temperatures start to fall outside. One of the most popular ways of doing that these days is by using electric in-floor heating systems.

Building a Chicken Coop – 4 Important Factors

Successfully building a chicken coop requires that you have a good set of chicken coop plans handy and this is probably what any wood worker will tell you. It is actually quite common that people overlook the importance of plans and find themselves making costly mistakes as the project progresses.

Why DIY Bathrooms and Kitchens Aren’t Always a Good Idea

When you’re thinking of installing a new bathroom or kitchen in your home, there are two options: doing it yourself or hiring a professional firm. This article looks at why it is sometimes better to avoid DIY and leave it to the experts.