Celebrating Craftsmanship: Zack Dettmore | Ask This Old House

Celebrating Craftsmanship: Zack Dettmore | Ask This Old House

TV Brackets Are More Than Just a TV Holder

People understand TV brackets are intended to hold the TV in place on the wall. They don’t realize it serves other purposes which at times is transparent to the home owner.

Buckled Basement Walls

When your basement wall is buckling inside, you have too much pressure outside. This may be from saturated clay soil, which swells and puts pressure on the wall. Bad downspout lines are a very common cause of this problem, or the slope of the ground could be leading water to the area adjacent to the wall.

Basement Sump Pump

Sump pumps can solve a multitude of basement water problems. Sump pumps are very effective in removing water below the level of the floor. This in turn gives any water above that level a place to go and gets it off the floor. The article gives a quick overview of what they do.

TV Brackets Ensure a Showcase of Your Flat Screen TV

TV wall brackets can bring out the best in a flat screen TV. What is important is making sure you use the right type of TV brackets to showcase your TV set.

TV Wall Brackets Provide Means to Mount Flat Screens Properly

Flat screens are the current tech in TV technology and everybody is getting at least one for their home. Sales people and dealers claim it is easy to mount a flat screen TV on the wall. Be careful – there is a right and wrong way to install a TV wall bracket.

TV Wall Brackets Secure LCD TVs on Walls

People have gotten so accustomed to having their televisions on TV stands and cabinets that they continue the practice regardless of the light weight and large screens of today’s LCD panel screens. They fail to realize the risk of having the television in such a precarious state until it gets bumped and damaged.

Perendev Magnet Motor Plans – How To Obtain Drawings Of This Famous Magnetic Motor

How can you get your hands on some Perendev magnet motor plans? What is the Perendev motor anyway? Is it possible to get your hands on the plans and, if not, is there a good alternative?

Resurfacing Your Concrete Floor

After a while, your concrete will begin to lose its luster, and begins to reveal small cracks that will eventually expand creating an eyesore. To give your patio, driveway, or walkway a fresh and new look, there are concrete floor resurfacing products that can bring new life to your concrete. If you are a do-it-yourself type of person, completing the job does not require a high level of skill.

12×16 Shed Plans – DIY

Wanting to do it yourself might be one of the reasons why you want 12×16 shed plans. So, why would you want to DIY? One of the main reasons for this would be saving money.

Wet Pipes

Wet pipes are almost always caused by either condensation or a leaky valve. Condensation occurs almost everywhere and can cause a great deal of water on your floor. You may get a great deal of dripping from your pipes.