Controlling Plumbing Emergencies | Ask This Old House

Controlling Plumbing Emergencies | Ask This Old House

Diy Vs Commercial Solar Panels – Which Should You Choose?

Solar power is a great way to cut down on your electricity bill. You can pretty much get solar power by using solar energy panels, which you can either make yourself or that you can buy already made. Choosing DIY vs. commercial solar panels can be a real tough decision to make.

Snow Elimination Methods

The 2010/2011 winter months appear in the record books as one of the most cold and snowiest in a number of portions of the United States. Snowstorms smashed such highly important towns as New York City in December and January to culminate in the snowiest January ever recorded and, at the same time, left many people trapped, not just at airports but in their personal drive-ways.

Ladder Safety

Believe it or not there is a lot that goes into ladder safety. It is much more than simply climbing up a few rungs on a ladder and making sure you do not fall down. A ladder is a tool just like anything else you use on the job site or in your home and like tools, ladders have instructions and guidelines.

How to Troubleshoot a Faulty Electric Gate

A guide with some useful tips on how to troubleshoot a faulty electric gate. If you know a little about how gate automation works, your less likely to be tricked into replacing the whole system. This guide could save you a vast amount of money.

Calculating the Cost of Waterproofing a Basement

Basement waterproofing does not only involve the application of a waterproofing material or compound such as waterproof paint in the basement walls. You would also need a particular mechanism which will ensure that water is diverted away from your basement walls. Waterproofing methods should be done and applied both inside and outside the basement walls. This makes the cost of waterproofing a basement dependent on two major factors which are the external and internal waterproofing methods and measures. The cost of waterproofing a basement will also vary depending on the size of the house itself as well as the environment of the location.

How to Handle the Cost of Waterproofing a Basement

Most homeowners who are looking to waterproof their basement walls would first consider the cost of the project, above anything else. The idea of refinishing the whole basement can prove to be quite daunting, particularly because of the repairs that might need to be done first.

What Is Property Maintenance – And How Do You Best Handle It?

What is property maintenance and what does it involve? This article explains briefly what any owner or manager of a property should be looking out for, and how to handle the responsibility.

The Beauty and Elegance of Vessel Bowl Sinks

Redesigning your bath can be a fun and exciting adventure. Choosing the right style and material can be a little bit more daunting.

Balustrading For Your Home

Nothing can set off a staircase or loft area in a home like elegant balustrading. If you are like me, you love making amendments to your home in your free time. Shopping for the right balustrading supplies is the key when looking to make the end result absolutely stunning.

How to Build a Fire Pit on a Budget

Want to cuddle next to a fire with that special someone but don’t want to cough the bucks to buy a pricey fire pit? Here are some easy to follow steps to building a fire pit that will be better than a store bought one for cheap.