DIY Trough Shelves | House One | This Old House

DIY Trough Shelves | House One | This Old House

Workshop Tools

The wood working tools you need depends very much on the kind of items you want to make. If your major interest is in wood tuning, then you will need a lathe.

5 Ways to Deal With the Dreaded Vinyl Wall Panels in Mobile Homes

The biggest complaint for most mobile home owners is usually about the notorious vinyl wall panels in their homes. Every model and make seemed to have used them between 1980-2000.

Some Things You Might Not Know About Screws

One of the things that most DIY oriented people use a lot is screws. For those of you who do not do DIY very often, there are a few things that you might not know about screws that could put a real damper on things if you get the wrong screws for the job. Thickness If you take a look at screws in your local hardware store you will see that they have different diameters.

Why You Need to Use Chipboard Screws With Particle Board

There are very many different shapes and styles of fasteners available on the market these days. With regards to screws alone, there is a type of screw for every different kind of material and application that you could possibly imagine. Moreover, each individual type of screw is typically available in a range of sizes from short to long and narrow to thick.

Why There Are No One-Size-Fits-All Fasteners in Construction

There is a multitude of different styles of fasteners available on the market today. Each style of fastener, or ‘anchor’ as this type of device is sometimes called in the construction industry, typically comes in a variety of lengths and thicknesses to suit a variety of building materials like wood and steel, and wall surfaces such as drywall and masonry, for instance. That being said, why are there so many different kinds of fasteners?

Learn About Basement Waterproofing Information

One of the many dilemmas faced by many homeowners is how they can secure their basement through waterproofing. Aside from the idea that they really need to have their basement waterproofed, they are also bombarded by the question of how they should go about the whole task.

Things You Need Before Welding

Connecting two or more metals and thermoplastic permanently is the primary purpose of welding. It’s a process only professionals are allowed to do. It can trigger fire and susceptible to accidents like skin burns or worst blindness when not used or operated properly. To get the job well done safely with improve productivity, keep these advices and gear up properly.

DIY Waterproofing Basement Tips

Regardless if you rent or own your own home that has a basement, you should take precautionary steps to ensure a dry basement. Water typically enters into a basement from the outside so waterproofing should begin there. However, water damage can occur on the inside from a broken water line for example. If you like to do things yourself, there are a number of DIY waterproofing basement tips below that you might find interesting.

Interior Basement Waterproofing – What Are Your Options?

If you have had to learn the hard way, you know now that waterproofing a basement is a must. The foundation walls can be waterproofed both inside and out. The floor can be protected as well. There are several options to choose from and each one will have a different cost. Let’s review several interior basement waterproofing options that you can choose from.

How to Execute an Effective Green Cleaning Program

As humanity grows more and more conscious of the effects we have on the environment, more and more people are changing their habits around to be more “green”. Within households and workplaces, it takes a combined effort to implement and maintain an effective green cleaning program. If you think you could be doing more to support our environment, read on for tips on how to create a green program and stick with it.