Do I Need A Pilot Hole?

Do I Need A Pilot Hole?

Z-Wave Technology

The most popular way of networking your devices is by using what is called “Z-Wave” technology. Which in simple terms is low strength Wi-Fi that simply connects your devices together and allows them to talk to a “Bridge” or “Gateway” that connects to your router or internet connection connecting your devices to the web. There are several different manufacturers of bridges that all make their own components and applications and each has some pros and cons.

Prevent Carpet Indentations With These Steps

Carpet indentations or dents can occur with essentially every type of carpet. Even natural fiber carpets with stronger fibers are not completely immune to this annoying problem. Under the right kind of pressure, carpet dents can happen anywhere with heavy furniture. Most of the time, these marks will go away once the pressure is removed. Other dents will need additional treatment in order to fully resolve the issue. Here are some steps to help in the prevention and treatment of carpet indentations.

Smart Home Appliances

Many major manufacturers have created their own Smart Home appliances. Each one of these has it’s own proprietary communication app or platform, but almost all of them communicate via your home wifi connection rather then the newer low frequency Z-wave technology. This keeps you from needing a separate “Bridge” but does make it more difficult to integrate into your whole home control system.

Smart Homes – The Future or a Dream?

Smart Home automation is possible, but is it worth it? Does it have any value and can it really save you money.

3 Practical Reminders When Moving to a New House

Moving to a new house soon? While this can be exciting, make sure that you read this article and learn about things you should do in advance to have a stress-free move.

5 Ways To Stop Standing Water In Your Crawl Space From Ruining Your Home

Water can be the most destructive element that your home faces. The design of your home is based on keeping water out and, assuming that it was done correctly, your crawl space is probably dry and healthy. However, sometimes a home is flawed and allows water to poor in, allowing it to do its destructive work in your crawl space. So, with that in mind, here are some steps you can take to keep water out.

How To Balance A Wobbly Ceiling Fan

The first step to balancing a ceiling fan is to make sure that the blades and blade arms are all level. If your fan has ever been accidentally bumped or hit in some way, the blades or blade arms may have been bent slightly and therefore would be out of level.

Standard Handyman Tools Checklist

Every handyman needs tools to get his work done. A handyman works to a higher standard if has a well equipped toolbox. This article provides a list of essential tools need for general handyman projects which no handyman should go without.

Do It Yourself Remodeling Tips

If your bathroom is not an oasis of calm and comfort, you might need to remodel things. If your plumbing and fixtures are damaged and outdated, or your walls are wavy and moldy or if your tile is unstable, you should go for a bathroom remodeling project. Before you go down with my article, let me introduce you the three most important aspects of a good bathroom or things to consider while you are remodeling.

Giving Your House a Simple Makeover in Cheap Ways

Sometimes, you will get tired of how your house looks especially when you’ve spent like a decade or more without even doing a single thing for improvement. Restricted budget hampers your decision to at least change the curtains regularly or to breathe new life to your kids’ rooms. If you’re in this situation, then you’ll need the following tips which will guide you to give your house a revamp or makeover in ways that is pocket-friendly.