Easy Solutions for a Damp Basement | Ask This Old House

Easy Solutions for a Damp Basement | Ask This Old House

Making Your Own DIY Solar Panels!

The idea of making your own DIY solar panels is appealing to many a handyman, however this has progressed a lot further than the most capable of DIY’ers amongst us and for good reason too. People have come to realize that we do operate on a limited capacity when it comes to fossil fuels, such as coal, gas and so forth with implications not only referring to dwindling natural resources but the ever increasing power and utility bills.

How To Make A Solar Panel – A Step-By-Step Instruction

Today, solar energy is an ideal power source for both business owners and home owners. It is clean, safe and economical. As we all know, global warming is getting worse and solar energy can be the best alternative for fossil fuel. One way of utilizing solar energy is by using solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity. Now, you can learn how to make a solar panel for your home.

Why Use Cordless Drills?

A cordless drill can almost be looked at as an essential tool for any handyman or DIY enthusiast. While some of the more basic tools are needed, such as screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, and so on, cordless drills are highly versatile and can provide a great deal of power when the task calls for it. While corded drills are still more powerful and may be needed depending on the job, cordless drills are more convenient to use and often times more compact.

Garden Shed Building – Building the Right Way

Are you are tired of keeping your gardening accessories out in the rain and want to keep them at safe place? Do you want a place for your gas grill for the winter or start to grow some plants for spring? If so, then a garden shed is the solution. Garden shed building is not all that difficult and it gives you the opportunity to make something that precisely meets your requirements, where the limiting factor is only your imagination.

Firewood Sheds – How to Build a Shed for Your Firewood

If you have a fireplace or wood burning stove then you need to invest in a firewood shed. It may be tempting to just pile your firewood outside, perhaps covered by a tarpaulin, but this is the worst thing you can do. Wood stored on the ground gets damp and rots as ground water is absorbed, and covering with a tarp keeps the moisture in, preventing the wood from drying and aging. The end result is wood that is difficult to light and produces more smoke than heat.

Shed Permits – Do I Need a Permit to Build a Shed?

For many people obtaining permits is the worst part of the building process. It is however, one of the important factors that people often forget to consider while building a backyard shed.

Make That Furniture Roll, Without Reinventing the Wheel

Adding casters to furniture can be quite a chore when approached incorrectly. Starting with the right wheels and casters makes the process simple. This article covers a few tips to make it simple to add casters to your furniture.

Tips For Waterproofing Basement Walls

The Man Cave, the Lair, the Wonder Down under, or even the Stellar Cellar, all of these are inventive names people have made for their fun-filled or relaxing basements. However, a fun-filled basement cannot exist if it is not protected from harmful flooding and drainage. The best way to protect a dream basement is by waterproofing the walls.

Hand and Power Tools for Any Workshop

Hand and power tools are important for any DIY enthusiast. Hand tools can include anything from woodworking to small garden tools. Power tools are electrically controlled and may have engines. Hand tools are arguably more complicated but that does not mean that they are not as useful. Indeed, there are a collection of both hand and power tools which are integral for any workshop.

Top 10 DIY Tools

DIY is the activity we all feel we can do. There are tools out there which are integral for DIY to work. DIY is considered a hobby, but it is very important and can be quite an obsessive work. When it goes right there is a sense of satisfaction when it is done, but when it goes wrong it can be very frustrating. So, here are the top ten DIY tools, ranging from power tools, to garden tools, to make sure DIY always goes right. These are not listed in any order, but are simply a list of ten key DIY tools.