Garage Build Vlog: Day 14 (almost done)

Garage Build Vlog: Day 14 (almost done)

Pebble Tile for Beginners

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, pebble floors have been considered a thing of art and beauty. Luckily, as a result of the ingenious people of Indonesia, the pebble tile was created. Thanks to them, the homeowner now has a chance to experience both that natural art and beauty everyday in their own home.

The Top 3 Reasons Rubber Tiles Are Amazing!

Typically tiles function to increase the visual appearance of a room or space. While not as visually appealing as other types of tiles, rubber tiles can do things no other tiles can. Read on and you’ll find the top three reasons why they are amazing!

How To Avoid Pipe Problems This Winter

Many people fall victim to leaks during the winter months, especially if you are one of the lucky people who get to winter in far off, warmer climes. Insurance claims soar for internal damage caused by water at this time of year. In this article we look at ways to prevent them in the first place and, if this fails, what to do in the event of an actual frozen or burst pipe to reduce the risk of potential costly damage.

Securing Signs and Sheets to Keep Them Safe and Resistant to Weather

When putting up promotional banners and signs it is important that they can be seen at all times and that they are secure. Usually large marketing signage is created from PVC or a similar material; it is important that it is manufactured to last. In most cases your banner or sheet will have eyelets, if not they will need to be added.

Stainless Steel Barrel Nuts – What Are They and What Types Are Available?

A Stainless Steel Barrel Nut is an internally threaded flange shaped barrel with a screw drive at one end. There are a range of head styles and types of Barrel Nuts available with differing Barrel Nut dimensions. Very useful in a range of DIY and construction applications.

Tips to Turn Your Home Friendly for Elder Family Members

Your family members are getting older. Daily routines and activities are getting harder for them to do. You may be facing a cross roads for their care. You want the best for them yet want to maintain their independence and dignity

Making Your Own Drain Cleaner

What do toothpaste, hair, your wedding ring, and chunks of food all have in common? They can all get stuck in your drain! You could go out and buy a store-brand drain cleaner to help you on this do-it-yourself home project, or you could learn to make an effective and affordable drain cleaner, while feeling like a scientist.

Glass Reinforced Plastic – The Material Of Choice

A brief article that discusses the merits of Glass Reinforced Plastic. GRP is rapidly becoming one of the most popular construction materials in the world.

What to and Not to Do While Removing Wallpapers

Think it’s about time you take care of that old wallpaper once and for all? Can’t tolerate the places from where it has peeled off revealing walls that grin at you like gruesome yellow teeth, but fear the process of removing wallpapers in its entirety? Have you already tried and are tired of using a putty knife or soap or perhaps loads of hot water until it’s a disturbing mess? Then, here are some suggestions that will make this horror easier to handle and will keep you from going insane.

Top 10 Safety Measures You Should Use for Every DIY Project

When you have a brilliant DIY project idea, it’s so tempting to just jump right in and start sanding, painting and assembling. But, before you start your next creation, there are some safety measures you should keep in mind. Here are the 10 amongst them that you should definitely take before starting a new DIY project!