Garage Build Vlog: Day 9

Garage Build Vlog: Day 9

Five Reasons for Building a Tiki Bar

If you’re thinking about spending relaxing time at home, then why not consider a back yard paradise. Building a tiki bar can be a fun project not only for you but for your family.

4 Types Of Homeowner Projects And How To Prioritize Them

Owning a home can be overwhelming, especially when you identify tons of projects that you want to complete to update your home and make it your own. Here are four types of projects, and how I prioritize my projects.

DIY Wallpaper: Questions to Ask To Avoid Costly Mistakes

With so many different choices and brands, it can be overwhelming to choose wallpaper. However, wallpaper is a great way to transform a space. Unlike paint, wallpaper provides both texture, patten and color where with paint, its just color. Wallpaper is made to fit any homeowners lifestyle and budget these days, so first assess your needs to help choose.

Make Your Computer New Again – With Contact Paper!

The one piece of equipment most of us carry around everywhere we go is the laptop. For most of us, this means the computer occasionally gets dropped, scratched or smudged. After a year or two, the computer may still run fine but its outside shell looks pretty beat up.

Making a Chalkboard Is Easier Than You Think

Chalkboard Contact Paper lets you put a chalkboard in any room of your home. It only costs a few dollars, applies easily, and is removed just as easily without damaging the wall. So what are you waiting for?

Adhesive Contact Paper Adds Style to Your Walls

Adhesive contact paper can be used to add style, color or texture to any walls. If your home has a wall, or an entire room that cries out for some style, adhesive contact paper is the only thing you need. It’s cheap, easy to apply, and versatile. Choose from thousands of styles, colors and textures.

Four Home Repairs You Need To Do Before Winter

It may be warm where you are, but winter will be here before you know it. Take advantage of the warm and calm weather now by doing essential home repairs to fortify your home for the upcoming winter.

Use Your Dewalt Cordless Tools Safely

The name Dewalt has become synonymous with quality and safety and the Dewalt cordless tools are prime examples of the high-performance and ruggedness expected from Dewalt. These heavy-duty cordless tools with durable lithium ion batteries are constantly being improved upon and function well even under the extreme conditions of different worksites. The ‘Perform and Protect’ system is designed and marked for three safety areas – vibration, dust and control.

Plan Your Gazebo Well – Don’t Fall for Free Plans

Buildings a Gazebo or a summer house as they’re popularly called is one of the dreams of most people all across the globe as they’re really beautiful and are a great addition to your home. It’s a great way to spend those summer afternoons. Accuracy is really crucial One of the main problems with people these days is that they don’t have the time to do what they love and therefore they end up planning haphazardly and even worse they build it up carelessly.

Indoor Summer Maintenance Projects

With Fall right around the corner, this is a great time to make sure some of the “little things” indoors are in tip top shape. You may not realize it, but some of the simplest fixes, if delayed, can lead to big problems. Here are five tips many people don’t think about. Make sure you check into these potential problem areas before it’s too late.