How Mark McCullough Became a Mason | Ask This Old House

How Mark McCullough Became a Mason | Ask This Old House

Instructions Of a Sabre Saw And Router

Unique among power tools is the sabre saw, a hand-held motor which sends a slender blade in and out of its guard at high speed. It is fairly quiet in operation, not much noisier than the average electric drill.

Instructions Of Nails

The common nail is called “common” because it is the most practical means for fastening pieces of wood together easily, quickly and inexpensively. Glue is neater, screws are stronger, and either one combined with correct joinery becomes stronger still. But 99 per cent of all the homes of the nation are fastened together with nails because they are quicker and easier to handle.

Maximizing Fun Summer Days on Your Own Deck Patio

Warm summer days are not here to stay for long, so try to get the most out of them by hanging out in your yard whenever possible. You will enjoy the experience all the more on a deck patio extension, but make sure you choose your DIY patio kit wisely so that you end up with the best deal.

Simple Soil Testing to Judge the Health of Your Soil

The quality of your soil is a primary concern for anyone looking to sustain plant life. This article includes a couple simple soil tests to observe the health and sustainability of your soil, and maybe find an indicator that you require more vigorous soil testing.

How (Not) To Find Good Home Service Providers

The way we find home service providers today is uninspiring. By using the methods we currently use, we have no way of knowing that the plumber or painter we find (either on- or offline) will be trustworthy, or even efficient. Thus, this article shows you what NOT to do when looking for a provider you can trust.

How To Create A Memory Table for Your Children’s Room

We took a weekend trip with our kids last weekend! It was our first trip as a family. With our busy schedule, it’s hard to take time off of work. We took lots of pictures, but I’d like to make something special for the kid’s room to remind them of our trip. Help!

How to Reupholster An Old Stool

I have an old stool (chair height) that needs some TLC. It’s old and ratty and I’ve had it for over twenty years. It’s one of those small armless stools that gives extra seating when friends come over. I’d like to give it a fresh look but I’ve never reupholstered anything, can you walk me through the steps?

How to Fix a Leaking Toilet: Tips to Consider When You Fix a Leaking Toilet

Toilet leaks can waste over thousands of gallons every year. And it means wasting a lot of money. If you are suffering from a toilet leaks better to fix it right away or you are just wasting a ton of money by paying the water bill without using it properly. So the question now is how to fix a leaking toilet?

Learn the Benefits of Siding for Your House

If you want a way to improve your house, you can try siding. Find out what advantages this has.

How to Remove a Broken Key From a Lock

It is common for individuals to use several different locks over the course of a day, and these locks may be for their home’s front door, the door to an office at work, a car door, a car’s ignition and more. Keys for these various locks can be made of different materials, and some may be very durable while others may be rather flimsy. It is most common for a less durable key to break off inside of a lock, and this often happens the key becomes stuck or jammed.