How Precast Concrete Footings Are Made | This Old House

How Precast Concrete Footings Are Made | This Old House

How To Remove Cola Stains From Carpet Or Upholstery

Cola stains are among the more difficult to remove during carpet cleaning. This is because of the chemical composition of the various cola drink formulations. Here are some tips you can use to clean up cola spills from your carpet by yourself, using common household solvents.

The Importance of Pipe Maintenance

Most of the heavier water damage scenarios we deal with are caused by faulty plumbing in some form. Here we will go over what the most common scenarios are, and ways to perform preventative maintenance.

Home Security for the Holidays

The holiday season is officially upon us. While this is a festive time of year with many gatherings and celebrations, don’t neglect to take precautions to ensure that your holiday season isn’t ruined by a thief. Home security is especially important this time of year as many people typically have gifts which they purchased or received.

How to Build a Trash Shed

Are you looking for a way to conceal the trash cans in your backyard? Why not build yourself a trash shed – it is a great way to both hide and protect your trash cans. These easy to follow 16 steps is all you need to succeed with this project.

Flat Track Hardware – Drills

This article is part of a series for DIY’ers that are new and learning the ropes. In this article we will be focusing on different types of drills.

Secrets of the Five Gallon Bucket

If you were lost and had to live in the bush, and could only take one item with you, you’re better off bringing a five gallon bucket than a bowie knife. In parts of Africa, five gallon buckets are so valuable that their owners refuse to drill holes in them. Why would you damage such a precious heirloom like that?

New Year DIY

4 in 10 Britons make New Year’s Resolutions each year. Roughly 40 percent of 62,641,000 people every year make a decision to do, create, work on or become something completely different to what they were beforehand. 25,056,400 people across the United Kingdom, every single year, resolve to make something in their lives better than what it was beforehand. A survey was taken to find out what the world’s most made resolutions were. With such an image obsessed media base, it was no surprise losing weight made number one. However, lower down, at a modest number eight, learning something new came in as a resolution.

Picking The Proper Woodworking Plans To Match Your Skill Level

Picking the proper woodworking plans to match your woodworking skill is not always the simplest of things to do.There are a number of things to consider, what tools you have, how long have you been woodworking. What kind of woodworking project, you actually do want to build. This is also difficult due to the large number of sites dedicated to woodworking plans. So let’s see if we can demystify this a little.

Important Tips to Winterize Your Home

As a resident of Indiana, I know how brutal winters can be. With extremely cold weather and lots of snow, winter is not only bad for people, but for your home as well. During the winter, most people see an increase in their gas and electric bills.

The Importance and Cost Savings of Using a Driveway Sealer

There is no shortage of things to be attended to when one owns a home. Keeping up with the maintenance of such an asset is ongoing. It is also a responsibility that if you don’t keep up with it can cost you a lot of money in repairs. One such task that should be attended to is making sure that you utilize a superior driveway sealer.