How To Avoid Solar Panel Scams | Ask This Old House

How To Avoid Solar Panel Scams | Ask This Old House

DIY Closets Know How

Are you interested in DIY projects? Learn how to update your closet with clothes hangers, specialty hangers, shelving and more.

DIY Closet Tips and Tricks

Learn how to turn your closet into a thing of beauty! Using clothes hangers, like coat hangers and wood hangers, you can transform your closet.

DIY Doghouses

Dog, as a man’s best friend, needs to have a home too! Are you looking for a great project for your pet? Throw him a bone and build him a doghouse.

Some Methods to Create and Use Eco Energy

The need of electricity is increasing every hour and our survival without it seems impossible. But as the demand is increasing, the cost of electricity is increasing as well so there is a need to find alternate sources of energy. Moreover, recent research findings are suggesting that the ways through which electricity is created and obtained is actually harmful to us.

How to Arrange Your Picture Frames on the Wall

It may take several attempts to arrange your framed artwork and photos into an eye pleasing display that will add to the beauty of your decor. So, before you start hammering nails into your wall arrange and rearrange your pieces until you have a display that pleases you. If you are redoing a room, artwork should be the finishing touch.

Picture Frame Basics – What You Should Know

Picture framing has been used throughout the years as a means for decorating a home or office to add beauty, interest or to give a room a comfortable, lived in look. The time-honored profession of picture framing has been called upon to decorate the walls of many homes, and the enthusiasm of picture framing hobbyists has brought the art of picture framing mainstream in the arts and crafts world. The first photo frames were the decorative borders around ancient frescoes, or wall paintings.

Make Your Own Braided Rugs for Your Home

Braided rugs have been a simple, affordable way to make your homes more comfortable and colorful for hundreds of years now. But with today’s fast-paced world, few of us have the time to create these beautiful pieces of forgotten art. However, the addition of these rugs to your homes is always a cause for pride.

DIY Wind Energy For The Homeowner

Wind energy is actually the most hard to capture renewable energy. Before you decide to dedicate time and resources to wind generation projects ask yourself why are you looking to generate electricity with wind power. It can be financial reasons, the desire to reduce or completely remove the energy bill on a monthly basis can be an attractive benefit. There are also the environmental reasons, it’s not exactly a secret that we are polluting our planet in the present, more than any other time in our history.

Measuring Head and Flow for Micro-Hydro Systems

If you want to produce energy from a stream or water source, you’ll need to know the head (elevation drop) and the flow (gallons per minute). This article details how to measure your head and flow so you can calculate your energy available from the steam, or build an appropriately sized system.

Can I Build a Wooden Shed? The Example of the Old and Young Bull!

Many times people ask me: do you really think I can build myself a wooden shed? To give them an answer I usually start telling them the following story: Once upon a time, an old, experimented bull was taking a walk in the countryside, accompanied by a very young and enthusiastic bull. They were strolling along, clearly enjoying the walk and cheerfully chatting about the weather, the trees and general issues which normally are of interest to bulls.