How To Babyproof Your Home | Ask This Old House

How To Babyproof Your Home | Ask This Old House

DIY Guide to Installing Decorative Light Switch Plates

Switch plates are an easy way to add some color or contrast to any room in your home or business. Most buildings, unless otherwise specified, come with pretty standard ones. They are usually a solid color that matches the walls and don;t add anything to the room or hallway. Today there are literally hundreds if not thousands of different switch plates that you can use. Swapping them out is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to change the appearance of a room.

What To Do Before You Buy Bunk Bed Plans

Did you know that over 36,000 people go to the hospital every year because of bunk bed related injuries. If you are building your own loft bed pay attention! This article will help you avoid the fatal mistakes most people make when building a bunk bed.

Starting and Refinishing Project

For our first project we went to Goodwill and found a side table for $10. For that price you would expect to apply a good amount of elbow grease to get it looking good, but with some know-how it’s not going to be bad. So how do you know what piece of furniture is worth refinishing? First, look around and see what catches your eye. Don’t go to a second-hand store planning on spending money, go open-minded, you don’t have to buy something. If there is a piece of furniture that warms you and it’s at a good price, buy it.

Three Fatal Mistakes Made When Building A Bunk Bed

Did you know that almost 40,000 people are injured each and every year because of improper bunk bed design and construction. Avoid these three fatal mistakes when you build and you’re project will end up being much safer, cheaper, and fun.

Zero Point Energy Device – Generate 7 Kilowatts Free Electricity For Your Home

A zero point energy device is a type of motor that does not run on fossil fuels and will generate up to 7 kilowatts of electricity which is enough for most homes. In this article, I will explain what such a device is and how it works. I will then tell you how you can access this technology for yourself starting from today.

Tesla Generator – The Original Way To Generate Your Own Electricity

What is the Tesla Generator? It was the work of Nikola Tesla, often called the “grandfather of electricity” for his incredible discoveries, without which life as we know it today would simply not exist. Tesla devoted the latter half of his life towards developing this technology and, in this article, I will tell you about his work and how it now points the way for anyone to generate their own electricity for domestic use.

Magnetic Motor Generator – Free Energy Really Is Possible If You Know Exactly How

A magnetic motor generator can produce free energy of up to several kilowatts which is usually enough to power most homes. What is the theory behind this technology? How does a magnetic motor generator work? Finally, how can you generate your own kilowatts using this technology? All is revealed below.

3 Tips for Building the Right Chicken Coop

To get started with a chicken coop you may need to consider a few aspects. In this article there are some tips to guide you and help you create a plan.

Edward Leedskalnin Flywheel – Generate 7 Kilowatts Of Free Electricity Thanks To This Pioneer

The Edward Leedskalnin flywheel is almost the stuff of legends. Except the difference is that this is a true story with photographs and his literature to prove it. In this article, I will tell you about Edward Leedskalnin the man and his flywheel invention and show you how it was the forerunner to the modern 7 kilowatts magnetic energy generator that anyone can have up and running in their own home so that they need never pay an electricity bill again.

Easy Tips to Detect a Liquid Level Through a Plastic Container

If you need a precise amount of liquid or you want to determine how much of the liquid is available inside the container, you will require detecting the level of the liquid inside the plastic container. If you are going to measure the liquid, there are several ways that you can apply for it, depending on the type of the container that holding the liquid. Basically, you can use a ruler for determining the exact level of the liquid within the container. At this time, this article is going to deliver some easy tips that will guide you to detect a liquid level through a plastic container.