How to Create a Sun and Shade Garden | Ask This Old House

How to Create a Sun and Shade Garden | Ask This Old House

George Green Interview – Green Shows The Magnetic Motor That Blew Away A UFO Conference

The George Green interview in question is one done by Project Camelot, a self-styled “truth” organisation, some time after Green blew away the delegates at a UFO conference with a demonstration of a rudimentary “magnetic motor” – a device that appeared to be spinning almost indefinitely with no continual input force or energy whatsoever. In the article, I’ll reveal what George said in this interview and how you too can access this technology and use it to power your own home.

Hans Coler Device – Why The Nazis And British MI5 Intelligence Service Were So Interested

What is the Hans Coler device? It was the brainchild of experimenter, Hans Coler, who first showed his work as early as 1925. What could be seen was a device that looked to be producing electricity but without any obvious fuel source. It was of immediate and obvious interest to the Nazis but also the British MI5 Intelligence Service – sources say that MI5 had a working model that ran continuously for three years at headquarters. In this article, I’ll tell you more about the device and how you can get access to the simple, modern equivalent to produce 7 kilowatts of power and run your own home.

Do-It-Yourself Carpet Cleaning

Like most options, the choice between working with a carpet cleaned professionally and D-I-Y cleaning is reliant regularly on money factors. Electing to utilize a rental machine as opposed to a expert cleaner might be penny wise and pound foolish. Before choosing to D-I-Y a few factors should be thought about.

Learning About the Work of Liquid Measurement

Many people may think that the liquid measuring process is more difficult than solid substance measuring process because of the liquid surface tension. The gravity pushes down on the surface of the liquid, but at the edges of the container it is found that the liquid surface tension gently pulls it up the sides. For that reason, you will find that the top of the liquid is not flat, but it has a convex shape which is frequently difficult for measuring when the liquid volume that you want to measure is relatively small.

How to Protect an Interior Wood Threshold

Thresholds can be a nice addition to a doorway, especially if the floor at both sides is distinctively different from its neighbor and needs a separation barrier instead of abruptly meeting each other. They can also be good for stopping drafts or preventing air, either warm or cool, from escaping or entering.

Creating Your Own Piece of Pine Furniture

For anyone looking to create their own piece of wooden furniture for their home, pine wood is a firm favourite for furniture makers due to the fact that it is relatively cheap to purchase, and it is one of the easiest woods to work with. However if you’re not experienced in crafting your own furniture, then you might want to consider purchasing an unfinished piece of pine furniture that needs to be completed. This is certainly the cheapest and easiest option when crafting your own piece of pine furniture.

John Christie Magnetic Motor – How To Make Your Own 7kW Christie Motor And Easily Power Your Home

What is the John Christie magnetic motor? How does it work? Can you really power your house by making your own? All these questions are answered in this article.

Zero Point Energy Home Generator – How To Generate 7-Kilowatts Of Energy For Your Home

What is the zero point energy home generator? Have you ever heard of it before? It is actually a device that utilises the little-known “zero point technology”, part of quantum physics, and so allows you to harness the intrinsic energy that is stored in magnets. It has been talked about for over one hundred years but has only recently come to the homes of ordinary consumers. In this article, I’ll tell you how you can take advantage and quit paying more and more money to the power company.

Amish Sheds – The Superior Garden Shed

Amish sheds are actually just one storied structures commonly found in the rear of the backyard or in an allotment which usually can be put to use with respect to storage, pastimes, or maybe for a working area. These types of sheds tend to be created by hand and therefore are representations of craftsmanship and charm. They have grown to be a fashionable advancement to recreational sections and community gardens these days.

Bedini Motor Generator – Power Your Home For Free With Bedini’s Genius Generator

The Bedini motor generator is the brainchild of John Bedini, an accomplished career audio engineer hailing from Southern California. His inventions have spawned other experimentalists into making their own “Bedini generators” – the fact that they use his name in their inventions gives some idea of the legacy of this man. In this article, I’ll tell you what a Bedini motor generator is, how it works and how you can power your own home with at least 7 kilowatts of power using very similar technology.