How to Fix a Sinking Driveway Drainage System | Ask This Old House

How to Fix a Sinking Driveway Drainage System | Ask This Old House

The Truth About Heavy Tarps Materials and Uses

Heavy Duty Tarps are incredibly versatile; you will see them in use in pretty much every industry, from painting and decorating all the way through to agriculture. The intention of this article is to highlight each material of tarp, and give you a brief outline of some of their most common uses.

Let’s Give You Something to Caulk About!

The “pun”ishment is not over yet! In this article, we “caulk” about some of the things to look for when inspecting your caulk. Caulk can last anywhere from a few years to as many as 50 years, depending upon what it is made of and how well it was installed. If, despite our last article on caulk, you have been procrastinating or it’s been 50 years since you last checked (and we hope not) now is the time to play home inspector! In fact, inspecting caulk should be one of those things you do twice each year to make sure your home is in good repair. Here are a few additional hints about inspecting caulk that you may not have considered.

The New Age Portable Cabins Serve a Variety of Purposes Effectively

As the name suggests, portable cabins are conveniently transferable, multipurpose, highly secure and sturdy space solutions that can take the form of home, office, kiosk, toilet/shower to name a few. They are customizable and are gradually turning out to be a necessity for numerous operations nowadays.

Plastering Holes In Doors and Walls Perfectly – Even Though You’ve Never Done It Before

You’ve got some bite size holes in walls and doors and don’t want to get a professional Plasterer but you’ve never plastered a thing in your life before. We show you how to do it, quickly, easily, cheaply and perfectly.

How to Restore Etching on Marble Countertops

Because marble is a softer natural stone, the risk of etching is even greater compared to granite and slate countertop alternatives. By equipping yourself with the proper tools and marble restoration products, you can restore etching on marble countertops without needing to spend hundreds on restoration services.

7 Simple and Important Things to Do to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Getting your home ready for winter is one of the important things that people often forget to do. Especially, if it’s an old house that requires some maintenance work; the problems that winter brings can be rough. But there are some important things that you can do to help keep this winter from being a painful and unpleasant experience.

Planning And Constructing A Basement Playroom

Plan the exact size of your room. Use a pencil and paper to work out your floor plan. A good scale is…

Fix the Broken Items at Your Home Using Different Adhesives

The name adhesive comes from the word adhere which means stick firmly to a surface or an object. Adhesives are therefore made to help you repair or even join different kinds of objects at home very easily. There are different types of adhesives that are made to specifically work with various surfaces.

Clever Remodeling Tips For The Handyman

Do you want to save time and agravation with your weekend remodeling project. Here are some helpful tips that you probably never thought of.

Step-By-Step Instructions For Concrete

Many times, the average person uses the terms “cement” and “concrete” interchangeably without realizing that there is a difference. Even when the handyman refers to “cement,” there is often a question as to exactly what he means.