How to Fix Wood Scratches | Ask This Old House

How to Fix Wood Scratches | Ask This Old House

How to Fix Cracks in Your Basement

Repairing cracks in your basement walls might not be as difficult as you think. If cracks are not dealt with you may soon find that your basement has converted to an indoor pool. And that’s not good.

Build A Workbench That Suits Your Needs

Every good work shop needs a strong, durable and functional workbench. So you have the ideal work shop but still are in need of a great workbench. Isn’t it about time that you build the bench of your dreams.

Renovating: 15 Tips on How to Stay Motivated

Motivation is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to renovating. I’m sure everyone would prefer to be at the beach, rather than scraping floors, sanding and painting your um-teenth wall. Here are some ideas to help you stay motivated.

Try Do-It-Yourself Options Before Calling a Pest Control Service

Having pests and insects in your home can be a real nuisance. Before you call a pest control service to handle the problem, try some do-it-yourself options to keep costs down.

The No Hassle Fireplace Installation

Call a contractor and ten thousand dollars later, your fireplace is installed chimney, hearth and all. But, you don’t need a fancy contractor to build you a fireplace wherever you want it. In fact, you don’t even have to worry about load bearing walls or any destruction whatsoever.

How to and Facts on Home Window Tinting

Once the house tint arrives protect it until ready to apply. Homeowners can do the project themselves. Some specific tools must be used however. The installer must have a suitable squeegee that is small enough for corners. A sharp utility knife is also needed. The blade will need to be changed often to give a clean cut. There are wetting solutions that can be purchased that are made specifically for window tint. Individuals can make their own.

Keku Fixings Systems – The Number 1 Hidden, Easy Access Wall Cladding System

The Keku fixing system uses a series of polycarbonate brackets that fix together to join various panels together. The joints that are produced by this system are remarkably strong and this strength can be improved by increasing the number of brackets fitted into any joint system. The application of a wall cladding to any prospective wall has been made very easy by the use of the Keku system.

DIY Lead Poisoning

DIY projects can give an individual a deep satisfaction of accomplishment. It also could possibly create lead poisoning of yourself and family. By taking some simple steps, you can avoid the permanent damage of lead poisoning from happening to you and your family.

Fischer Intumescent Internal Putty Pads

The Fischer Intumescent Putty Pads are now supplying a completely different approach to the fire protection by closing areas where fire can get through and spread to cause a major conflagration instead of a small blaze. It is probably more accurate to call it a fire reduction or restriction product but whatever it is called it has the potential to reduce the problems significantly. A fire which has developed in a modern building will generally be small unless it has the ability to track through holes or channels across a building.

Build Your Own Outdoor Shed Using Outdoor Shed Plans

Why do homeowners need to have outdoor storage sheds? One of the most common reasons is that most garages often become cluttered with garden and power tools. A typical two car garage cannot accommodate much more than the two cars. Other items such as bikes and other sports equipment as well as seldom used household furniture are also commonly tossed into the garage. The perfect solution to this problem can be outdoor sheds for storing all the gardening tools and equipment.