How to Install a Little Free Library | Ask This Old House

How to Install a Little Free Library | Ask This Old House

Adorable Winnie the Pooh Wall Decals to Liven Up Your Baby’s Room

Doing up a baby’s room can be a lot of fun, especially if you are a new mom. Winnie the Pooh wall decals bring warmth and brightness into an otherwise dull nursery. With their vibrant shades and appealing characters, they are perfect for children’s rooms. Suitable for children from toddlers to tots, these adorable stickers will ensure a peaceful environment for play and sleep.

Installing Solar Panels: What Is a Complete Solar Panel System?

With increasing concerns about toxic pollution, rising electricity costs, and dwindling supplies of fossil fuels, the desire to use solar power is increasing rapidly. Few, however, really understand what a complete solar power system is, as most available information focuses on commercial or DIY solar panels, failing to mention the rest of what is needed to create a functional system. This article is going to explain the four components of a complete solar power system, so, should you decide to convert to solar power, you’ll know exactly what you are getting into.

How to Tear Out Your Old Flooring

Tearing out old flooring in order to install new may sound as a quick and easy project but sometimes it is a real chore. I will cover a few types of removals and hopefully one of these hints will help you out with your job. Flooring materials can consist of vinyl tile, linoleum, carpet and wood as well as many others. Lets take a look at some of the most popular. Wood removals such as hardwood floors can be done fairly easily with a large crow bar or shingle removal tool. The shingle removal tool has a long handle and a wide flat end piece that can slide under the flooring and with a little downward pressure on the handle, the wood flooring will pop right up. The long handle will save your back as well. Remove all the remaining nails as you proceed if they do not pop up with the flooring itself. Kneeling on a protruding nail can cause an injury and is painful at best. Sweep the floor areas as you go to assure you have left nothing behind in the way of nails, splinters, etc. VCT or vinyl tile flooring presents a much harder…

How to Replace Your Bathroom Floor

Replacing a ceramic tile bathroom floor can be done by the average skilled homeowner. You will need a couple of specialty tools but none are really expensive and the tools will last forever. Realize that the bathroom will be out of commission for about a week or so and plan on it. If you are dong this replacement work part or nights or weekends add some more time. Remove all loose items from the bathroom. Next remove the toilet. Floor covers at pipe penetrations (escutcheons) should be removed as well. If the existing floor finish is ceramic tile over wood, striking the tile with a large hammer will generally dislodge most of the tile. The rest can be removed using a sharp cold chisel or a masons chisel and hammer. You must achieve a smooth clean sub-surface when you are done…

Teds Woodworking – What You Actually Get For The Price

Teds Woodworking is a package of thousands of woodworking plans. It is relatively low priced for the number of projects included so does the quality fit in the plan?

Waterproof Poly Tarpaulins

Waterproof tarpaulins are also called tarps these sheets of waterproof material that is made of very of flexible polyethylene material and are used to protect or cover items from the rain and elements. They are frequently needed when a water resistant cover is required these inexpensive tarps are suitable to cover a hot tub or a swimming pool plus many other applications.

Flat Shed Roof – A Simple Roof For Your Shed

If you want a shed that provides maximum resistance against harmful elements, you should not only concentrate on the foundation and framing, but also on your shed roofing system. The internet can be a rich source of roof shed plans and blueprints, but be sure to obtain high quality shed plans only. If you are set to building your own shed, may it be for storage or for additional workspace you must understand that all parts of the shed should be given careful attention.

How to Do a Bedroom Makeover for Your Child

Because of the success of many TV shows featuring home “makeovers”, many adults, as well as children, enjoy thinking about redecorating possibilities. If you have a child who enjoys these types of shows, why not give them the opportunity to design a bedroom makeover for themselves?

How to Form Odd Shaped Concrete Structures for Your Landscape

Ever wonder how they made those odd shaped concrete buildings or curves or triangle shapes? It is not a secret and your imagination is about the only limiting factor. Money of course helps for purchasing materials but in many cases used lumber or plywood will do just fine. Be inventive. A cardboard tube from the inside of a carpet roll when cut in half, makes a great sluice or slide form for a fountain or stream. The wood reels left over from an electric cable roll make a great inside form for a circle for a doughnut shaped form.

How to Use Wood Pilings for a Foundation

In wet areas where conventional footings cannot be used, engineers can design a series of wooden pilings or posts that will support a structure which otherwise could not be built there using regular construction methods. Large pilings can range from twelve inches in diameter and be thirty, forty, fifty or even a hundred feet long or more. The design is based on the soil type. Obviously piles of that size must be installed by a pro using a pile driver. We have all seen a driver sitting somewhere and heard the familiar thump noise they make, as the hammer strikes the top of the pile driving it further and further into the earth with each hit. The hammer will eventually not be able to drive the pile any further and at the point it is called refusal. However smaller projects for a deck or a shed perhaps are within the scope of a homeowner. Using conventional excavation equipment such as a backhoe…