How To Install A Newel Post

How To Install A Newel Post

Is High-End DIY Decorating A New Trend?

The Interior Design industry seems to have focused on media for its response to what the DIY customer really wants. Print magazines, online publications, television and web-based series all tout the DIY label but most simply stir the same pot of “helping-hands-at-home” projects and never get to what I believe hard-core decorating do-it-yourself-ers really want to know. So what do these determined individuals really want? I believe what they are looking for is someone to break it all down; to spill the beans and share the real secrets behind real Million Dollar Decorating.

Is DIY Decorating Right For You?

I have great admiration for the home decorating do-it-yourself-er. It’s not an easy job but the rewards are self-evident. Once the dust has settled and the new furniture is in place, the art is hung and accessories artfully distributed there’s nothing quite like the praise of friends who wish they could do what you have just done. Before you jump into a project, here are a few things to consider.

Home Automation With Your Security System

Home Automation is easily accomplished by using your security system. The new wireless security systems easily incorporate automating your home into a futuristic smart home.

Does Reading Your Favorite Interior Design Magazine Cause You Pain?

Have you ever wished you could wiggle your nose and have your home’s interior look like those you see in magazines? For those who love interior design this disconnect can be painful. It’s about time someone created a system to alleviate this frustration and give homeowners the decorating tricks used by professionals to make rooms magazine ready.

DIY Home Decorating: Failing to Plan Means Planning to Fail

A quick visit to some of the design industries most popular online chat and advice rooms will turn up a shockingly large number of questions which have to do with spacial layouts, furniture arrangement, room organization and scale, proportion and size questions. One pleading post simply said (after offering a photo of a minuscule living room and a much too large sofa) “please, can anyone help me arrange my living room so that our new sofa will fit”. Sadly, in this case, even a shoe-horn would not help. How can such costly mistakes be avoided? I hoped you would ask…

4 Ways Of Unlocking A Bedroom Door

It’s common for children to lock themselves in the bedroom. While many parents and baby sitters panic when this happens, you shouldn’t. This is because it’s easy to open the bedroom lock. Here are ways on how to open bedroom door lock. Use a paper clip You should look at the center of the doorknob and see if you can see a small hole at the center of the knob. If there is a hole you should find a paper clip and create a straight stick out of it.

Curb Appeal and Other Tips to Selling Your Home

Whether you use a Realtor or decide to sell your own home, there are a lot of steps involved in preparing it for the market. Presentation is critical when selling your home, so here are some tips to be aware of.

A Guide to Installing a Garden Fence

Aside from adding some modern or rustic appeal to your landscape, a garden fence provides security, privacy, and peace of mind. It is important in protecting your vegetables and plants from stray animals. Maintenance is also easy and installation is affordable. With a quality timber, you fence will stay useful for many years.

Mounting Vertical Blinds Outside the Window Frame

While you are planning to improve your home’s general appearance, the type of window treatment that will be used is one of your many considerations, of course. All the while, you have been thinking about installing some sets of window blinds that will surely complement your place’s lay-out, style and motif.

7 Simple House Maintenance Tasks Which You Should Not Neglect

People often neglect home maintenance work. This is a big mistake. The house needs regular maintenance just like your vehicle.