How To Install an Awning | Ask This Old House

How To Install an Awning | Ask This Old House

What Are the Differences Between Extruded Acrylic and Cast Acrylic Sheets?

Acrylic is an extremely versatile material which is used in a wide range of environments. Acrylic sheeting is available in a huge range of variations, including; clear, coloured, mirrored, frosted and even with a brushed aluminium effect. Extruded acrylic and cast acrylic are the two main types of sheet acrylic you will come across.

Download Solar Panel Information in a PDF Format – 3 Alternative Power Solutions to Save You Money

It is easy to download solar panel info in a PDF format on how to construct and install an alternative solar power generating system, to eliminate purchasing conventional electricity. By constructing solar panels for your home, you can “go green” and help save the environment by reducing the amount of fossil fuels needed to generate power for your family. With simple guidelines, you can harness the power of the sun and use its rays for heating, cooling and electricity.

How to Repair a Garage Overhead Door

If your garage overhead door has become loose in it’s tracks or seems heavier to lift than it used to be, you may well be correct. Door hinges and rollers wear out over time and become sloppy. Adding grease may help for a short period but in the end you will have to replace some of the door parts. Basically there three types of hinges used. They are stamped #1, #2 and #3’s. When you look at your door you will notice that at the top and bottom are two roller brackets that are different from the rest of the hinges on the door listed above. The bottom roller bracket also has a protruding peg where the spring cable is attached. The top bracket projects further out from the door then the rest of the rollers to allow the door to when opened, immediately follow the curved section of the track without binding. A word of caution. Never remove the bottom bracket without first disconnecting the lift spring and cable when the door is open. If the cable is removed from the bottom roller bracket with the door closed, the spring will recoil…

How to Install Six Inch Wall Insulation in an Older Home

Most older homes have wall studs that measure only four inches or less in the walls in depth. In many cases the studs are also two inches thick. New wall studs measure one and five eighths inches wide and three and a half inches deep. These size studs will nicely accommodate three and a half insulation or R13 energy value but R19 or six inch thick insulation is much more desirable and in fact is required by the US energy code today in all new homes. If you are renovating an older home, future energy costs are of a prime concern. Leaky windows and doors, no insulation in the walls and inefficient furnaces are just a few of the things that need to be upgraded. Insulation can be added on the interior or exterior of the home. If you are re-siding the house, adding a one inch insulation board behind the siding can increase the insulation value of the wall dramatically. If the exterior is stone or brick perhaps, then the insulation must be added to the interior. There is a way to add…

Top Five Mistakes Made When Installing Insulation

Insulation is a wonderful way to reduce energy costs within your home. Without it, the heat or air conditioning may seem to just leak out of the walls. That is why so many people are beginning to see the many benefits of installing good insulation…

Locate Information on How to Make a Solar Panel

Have you ever wondered how do you make a solar panel, and how expensive is it? The answer might surprise you. While purchasing commercially constructed solar panels can be quite costly, fabricating your own solar power system is feasible and very affordable. Because it is not necessary to build an entire system all at once, it is possible to start with just a few solar panels, and increase the size of your solar power generating system over months or years. However, it is not necessary to wait for the benefits, as even a single solar panel instantly starts generating electricity the moment it is in sunshine.

Organize a Walk-In Closet

Do you have a big walk-in closet that you just can’t keep organized? We can help using clothes hangers, cedar hangers, and specialty closet products.

Wood Slivers As a Quick Fix for Wood Defects

Because wood is often imperfect, part of being a good carpenter or woodworker is knowing how to deal with it and make the finished product look as though wood IS perfect – more or less. There are various techniques one can incorporate to achieve this, the best of which are surprisingly simple.

Feed Your Lawn Correctly – A Quick Study of Lawn Fertilizers

This time of year, many homeowners are looking forward to that lush green lawn we all dream of. The way to get it is to make sure your lawn is well fertilized. Lawn fertilization is essential but has many pitfalls that can have undesired effects if not done correctly. This article gives some of the basics.

Fabricated DIY Solar Panels – Generating Electricity From the Rays of the Sun

Downloadable solar panel guidelines, as a PDF formatted file, provide you with schematic instructions and systematic information needed to construct your own whole house solar power generating system. Easy-to-follow information allows any do-it-yourself homeowner, with basic construction skills, to replace their purchased conventional electrical system with home photovoltaic solar power. Depending on the size of the solar generating system you construct, once your unit is installed, it is possible to completely remove yourself from the national power grid. Your newly built system will allow you to continually supply your home with electricity at no cost.