How to Install Cabinet Hardware | Ask This Old House

How to Install Cabinet Hardware | Ask This Old House

Wooden Storage Sheds – Your Options

Wooden storage sheds are useful for a variety of purposes. A small shed can be used to protect your lawn care tools from the elements. A larger one can serve as a workshop. There are several ways to go about putting up a new shed in the backyard.

Your DIY Wind Generator – You CAN Do It!

Today’s wind generators are no longer heavy nor bulky but have state of the art technology that generates electricity efficiently for the home, for towns and for small cities. Modern wind generators are neither difficult to build nor expensive. They have few moving parts and they are lighter weight construction. Kit sets can be readily obtained online. Try to see an actual unit in operation. Get your DIY wind generator for a specific site, and the amount of energy required. Have an electrician check the home handyman’s work, and, for safety, provide suitable restrictions to access.

Top Six Shed Framing Tips

Key framing tips for building a reliable, sound shed. This article will give you expert framing advice to make framing your shed easy and frustration free. Included are types of lumber, cutting roof rafters, speed squares, and how to square wall plates.

Where Is the Best Place to Build a Shed?

Where you build your shed depends in part on whether you want it to be a secluded hideaway or a focal point that draws the eye to a colourful spot in the yard. you may have superb shed plans but if you choose the wrong site to build your shed, all your effort will go to waste. Once you’ve made that determination, you’ll need to consider the following factors to find the ideal site.

Handmade Custom Stencils – Best Tools for Wall Stenciling

One of the most innovative ways to get your room decorated is through stenciling your walls. The procedure is rather a budget friendly one and needs only your active support and participation to get it take shape fruitfully.

Build A Barrel Smoker That Really Works

I’ve seen many folks build crazy things out of discarded barrels and this was my first attempt at a homemade smoker. Not only am I pleasantly surprised but the performance, it was cheap as chips to construct. If you have 3 hours to spare, you can make one too.

Blue Prints for a Picnic Table

If you’re one of those people who enjoys building boats woodworking/projects and some basic carpentry skills, this website will be of interest in the same way it did me. The site is woodworking and Ted was the best I’ve ever seen…

What Is the Best Facing for My Garden Shed?

Once you have decided what type of building you are going to construct and what purpose it is going to be used for, the next decision concerns which way it is going to face. By facing your shed towards the north, you will get the morning sun but during the winter months it can get very cold and therefore insulation and effective heating is required if it is going to be used throughout the year.

How to Systematically Declutter Your Home

In order to declutter your home, I recommend a process called clutter clearing. It’s not a difficult process to understand. If you follow the steps below, you should find it easy…possibly even fun.

Build Your Own Tiki Bar For Little Money

I have decided to give you an idea of the cost involved in building your own tiki bar. You can actually build a tiki bar for little money if you follow a few simple rules.