How To Install Insulation Stops [Baffles]

How To Install Insulation Stops [Baffles]

Have You Let Your Home Go? 3 Decorating Tips To Get It Back On Track

3 Quick and easy steps to help freshen up some of the trouble spots in your home that may have been neglected. These tips will give you the biggest bang for the design dollar. Be amazed at the quality of life boost you’ll get after making even the smallest meaningful change.

Air Duct Cleaning: DIY or Hire a Pro?

Many people question themselves if air duct and vent cleaning should be done as a DIY job or would it be wiser to just hire professionals. Read on to find out more.

How to Prevent Winter Roof Damage

It is the dead of winter in the Midwest and we have definitely seen our fair share of snow thus far. We all know the effects snow has on driving, safety, and the obvious winter hazards, but there is one other item we need to be checking regularly, something that if left neglected could cost us a lot of money when the snow begins to melt, our Roofs.

4 Things to Consider Before You Install Spiral Staircases

Adding a stylish and unique spiral staircase to your living area can instantly brighten up your whole house. Many homeowners look for unique ways to enhance the appearance of their home by installing beautiful staircases.

Six Home Maintenance and Repair Do It Yourself Jobs

There are many typical home repair, safety, or maintenance issues that everyday home owners encounter. There are also many simple maintenance tips and tricks that even a novice home owner can follow to improve the quality of their life and property and possibly even save them thousands of dollars in future repairs or problems.

Preventing Basement Water Leaks

Many people are concerned about basement water leaks, as they should be. Basement water leaks can lead to many problems, including structural damage, mold, an unusable basement, and not to mention a decreased home value. There are many steps you can take to help prevent basement water leaks.

I Don’t Use a To Do Check List

One of our business mentors has a saying “What are you tolerating?” as a way of pointing out the things that might be distracting you from your goals. This saying might seem like it only has intellectual or financial consequences as far as one’s business is concerned – but there are also consequences to tolerating those little annoying things in your home. We come across this kind of thing all the time, and we’ve written about them before. Things like the wobbly fan (Is it dangerous when it does that?), the sparking wall outlet (Is it normal for that to happen?) and failing to clean the chimney (What’s that smell?).

How to Use Throws and Blankets to Decorate Your Home

While blankets and throws are great at keeping us warm in our homes, they can do so much more! Learn about ways to decorate your home with your favorite throws, old or new!

How Does a Room’s Construction Materials Affect Its Sound?

Depending on what materials you use for the surfaces, walls, ceilings and the floors in your home, the acoustics can vary drastically. The materials you choose for decoration and construction, can alter the quality of the sound in any given room. A simple example can be seen, and heard, when you visit a gymnasium. The walls are covered in reflective, clean surfaces, and this can cause echoes and reverberation that gets in the way of clear communication. On the other hand you may have been in a lecture theatre that contained too many absorptive materials – the speakers voice cannot bounce around the room enough, and they end up sounding muted, muffled or quiet.

Shed Building Blueprints Can Help You Make Your Personal Wooden Shed Quickly

Building a shed is simple if you have accurate shed building blueprints. A shed can do wonders for your garden and once completed you will see how it can help you. You can store all the unused items in your house in the shed or you can use it to store your tools. A shed can serve many purposes so it depends on you how you use it. There are no hard and fast rules as to how to build a shed but having blueprints can provide you with detailed steps which will make your work simpler.