How to Landscape a Small Yard | Ask This Old House

How to Landscape a Small Yard | Ask This Old House

Cold Frame Plan Details

Cold frame plans are fairly easy to implement. A cold frame is basically a bottomless wooden box around 1 foot high with a hinged glass lid. The box is either placed on the ground or sunk into the ground a few inches.

Things to Think About Before Implementing a Set of Carport Plans

Many people who do not have a garage attached to their house turn to carport plans for their vehicle housing needs. Carports are a great form of protection from the elements for your vehicle. Carports not only protect your vehicles from rain, snow, and hail, but can also protect them from fallen branches and leaves if you happen to have a lot of trees around your home.

Reasons to Implement Storage Building Plans

While there are many different types of storage buildings on the market today, it is far less expensive to build your own using storage building plans. Building your own storage building with storage building plans also gives you the advantage of building it to your exact specifications. You can build a small storage building to use as a tool shed, or a humongous storage building that’s big enough for a small army to live in.

Choosing Wood for Humidor Plans

If you’re an avid cigar smoker then it’s very likely that you either have a humidor or have thought of getting a humidor. A humidor is used to control how much humidity surrounds cigars. They keep constant humidity so that your cigars stay moist and fresh and are often used to age cigars to perfection.

Tips on Implementing Humidor Plans

Humidors come in many different sizes and styles. There are small traveler sized humidors and even huge walk in humidors. However, the most popular type of humidor to build using humidor plans is the desktop humidor.

A Bit About Cold Frames and Cold Frame Plans

Cold frame plans are inexpensive to implement and can be a very beneficial addition to your garden. The main purpose of a cold frame is to extend the growing season, thus providing the possibility of a higher yield for your effort. With a cold frame, the growing season can be started earlier and extended longer without the fear of the elements hindering your growing efforts.

How To Pick A New SDS Hammer Drill

This may sound like a power tool having an identification dilemma, however the sds drill can be a helpful power tool for most do it yourself jobs in and around the home. The actual function of a sds drill holds true to its title. Just like a drill, it rotates while it functions.

Why You Should Build Your Own Entertainment Center With Entertainment Center Plans

When you build your own entertainment center with entertainment center plans, you can design it for exactly what you need and with the right amount of space for everything you plan to use it for. Additionally, you can build it up horizontally or vertically to fit the space in which you plan on putting it. For example, if you live in a small apartment, you may want to make more shelves that stack vertically.

3 Reasons to Build Your Own Easel With Easel Plans

Easels are just as much a fundamental part of creating brilliant artwork as they were back in the days of Michelangelo. Owning a well constructed easel is important to many artists for multiple reasons. What better way to know that your easel is sturdily constructed than to build your own with easel plans.

Advantages of Building Your Own Easel With Easel Plans

Many Do It Yourselfers are also artistically talented. Why not further your creative talents by building your own easel? Then you can create beautiful art on an artful easel that you yourself have built. It’s an excellent way to take your artistic skills to a new level.