How to Maintain Your Dishwasher | Ask This Old House

How to Maintain Your Dishwasher | Ask This Old House

How to Remove Old or Damaged Insulation

Insulation needs to be removed and replace from time to time to ensure that it is working to its full potential. Hiring a contractor for insulation removal is the best way to have this done; however, if you do not have the budget for that, you can learn to do it yourself.

Interior Railings For Stairs

In the home accidents happen all the time and stairs are no exception. In the United Kingdom approximately 1000 people die each year from stair falls. It is a shocking statistic that something that we all take for granted could actually responsible for killing 1000 people a year.

How to Create a Driftwood Finish With Paint

Create a faux driftwood look on furniture using a paint technique. Step by step DIY tutorial to getting that expensive driftwood look at home using paint to create a driftwood finish.

The Basic Do’s and Don’ts For Home Improvement

When it comes to completing a home improvement project, you must be aware of the mistakes you must avoid. There are many, and knowing about them means doing your research before attempting any project. This article will detail some of the things you need to be cognoscente of before you begin.

Matching Existing Paint on a Wall

Have you ever tried touching up a wall only to find it doesn’t match? Why do paint touch-ups almost never blend in? Here a pro builder discusses the reasons why and shares tips for making high quality wall paint repairs.

7 Keys to Rehabbing a House

Well. I am going to tackle the topic of Rehabbing. Now realize that my hands are soft and have no rough spots. But there was a time, when I liked to get dirty, and could knock out a wall or caulk a bathtub with the best of them. Well maybe not caulk a bathtub.

I Have Red Wine On My Carpet, Now What?

In this article we will explain how you can safely remove some different stains from your carpet that can be very difficult to remove. When performed properly the results can be acceptable and safe. Some of the procedures are similar, however all are important parts of the spot removal puzzle.

7 Common Tree Pruning Practices You Should Avoid

Pruning trees without the proper know-how can actually do more harm than good. You could damage the tree and other properties. You could also hurt yourself and everyone else around you. So, if you don’t know how to properly prune a tree, it is best to hire a professional tree service company to avoid making costly mistakes. But if you insist on learning by experience, here are some of the common pruning practices that you should avoid.

What You Need To Know About Constructing Pole Barns From Kits

In many cases, kits are the easiest way to construct pole barns. Here are the basics for using one of these kits to create a full building.

Things to Consider When Building Your Own Aviaries

There is no denying that having pets around the house helps us relax and de-stress from the hustle and bustle of daily living. Bird aviaries in particular, are akin to fish aquariums that calm us down the more we watch them. Read on to learn how you can start your own aviary from building it to putting in the birds you love to see and hear.