How To Make DIY Closet Built-Ins | Ask This Old House

How To Make DIY Closet Built-Ins | Ask This Old House

How to Apply a Wall Decal

Fitting a wall decal is an easy job; however, you need to be patient and plan the application (especially for a larger print). Here are some tips on how to apply one properly: 1. Clean the wall on which you want to place the decal.

Repairing a Small Hole In Drywall

Be honest, I know we have all swung the door open too hard and put the knob through the wall. Maybe you punched it when your team lost or worse your wife put the remote controller through it when she was fed up with your sports. I have even seen a dog chew through drywall. Whatever the case may be, if you have one of these “excitement holes”, I’m going to tell you exactly how to repair your small hole in your drywall, the right way! OK, so your going to need some things.

Woodworking Projects – Choosing the Right Storage Shed For Your Garden Or Property

With spring comes a time for many exciting endeavors such as getting your home cleaned and organized, gardening as well as various building projects including woodworking projects. One of the most popular woodworking projects is building a storage shed. If you are tinkering about your property, you may have acquired a lot of equipment for which it does not make sense to store in your house. What is a better place to store all these pieces of equipment than in a separate storage shed?

DIY Paving – Materials and Considerations

This article summarizes the requirements of a DIY project. It also outlines the basic preface for why DIY paving has become more popular in a growing industry.

Tips for DIY Home Improvement

Home improvement projects can be one of the most fun and rewarding activities for anyone who enjoys puttering around the house and coming up with new ideas on how to make spaces and living areas look better. Here are a few ways you can give your home a facelift without having to dip too deep into your pockets so it becomes a brighter place to live in!

Buy Your Paving Bricks With Moss in Mind

When it comes to driveways and patios and pathways, a lot of people limit their thinking to finding paving bricks for sale that can be used to make interesting patterns in the actual paving. People do not think of other ways to decorate their paving. One thing that works pretty well is moss.

Understanding and Saving With Do It Yourself Spray Foam Insulation

Having the right amount of insulation can make all the difference in how comfortable a home feels, and how much it costs to achieve comfort. Do it yourself spray foam insulation provides many benefits, including combatting air leaks, reducing energy consumption and emissions through heating and cooling, and saving money on energy costs.

Pennywise Logic and Spray Foam Insulation

Have you ever known someone who has ‘neglected’ to go to the dentist for years and years? Maybe that person is you, perhaps it is the former you. After all, the dentist is an evil ‘doctor’ who stocks his office with secret torture devices that only those with a penchant for inflicting pain could possibly dream up, let alone distribute for use on actual living human beings. It is the rationalizing part of us, that same part that encourages ice cream night caps, and uses vigorous brushing and flossing of teeth instead of regular checkups. It’s that voice that tells us we are saving money by not going, that we are using our time better by not going, or even that the family has a history of ‘good teeth’. The trouble with that sort of anti-logic is it never lasts. Cavities develop, aging teeth require bridges, and expenses mount.

Choosing To Treat Your Log Home Right

A log home is probably one of the most beautiful types of home you can have if it has been given the proper care. However if you leave it unattended and open to the elements it doesn’t take long to deteriorate leaving you with a home that not only looks awful but can also be structurally unsound. There is however solutions to help you maintain your log structure and keep the logs in pristine condition for many years into the future.

The Importance Of Understanding Blueprints For DIY Woodworking Projects

Shed plans are unique in do it yourself blueprint plans due to the variety of designs and features that can be incorporated into the plans at the beginning stage. A basic understanding of how the blueprints work is very helpful in completing any project that requires wood working skills.