How to Properly Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets | Ask This Old House

How to Properly Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets  | Ask This Old House


Do You DIY or Just Watch Others Doing It?

The television viewing experience has changed dramatically over the last few years, with a plethora of channels and choice unimaginable a few decades ago. In spite of all the alternatives available, the niche devoted to DIY is still enormously popular, but why should this be?  Who will tackle painting cabinets in Alpharetta?

Your Guide to Cabinet Repainting

Spray painting is a simple method that can provide your kitchen cabinet doors a smooth finish, but also contribute to adding resale value to your home. Can you do this yourself? Sure if you have the experience and equipment. Otherwise it may be best to leave it in the hands of a professional painter.

How to Use Oil Based Stains for Wood

You’re practically spoiled for choice when it comes to wood stains now a days. Some examples include – water based, gels and oil based stain. Although, today we’re gonna talk about oil based stain.


How to Deal With Condensation Problems

Condensation and Healthy Living – Condensation is a very common phenomenon nowadays – partly because it is something we cannot avoid and partly due to poorly insulated homes and an overall low level of knowledge when it comes to preventing and fixing the problem. Note that something that does not seem as serious at first (like a few drops of water caught on your window glass or spotted on your walls) can grow into a serious problem over time. This means more time and money will need to be invested in dealing with condensation and its consequences. Not only will it affect your health and everyday commodity but it can also have severe effects on the structure and stability of your home. This is why believe it is vital to know how to spot and how to deal with condensation problems.

What Are the Correct Steps to repaint kitchen cabinetry?

The article below demonstrates how you should approach indoor projects in regards to cabinet refinishing. The key is to plan then  follow the plan to a “T”. 

Foam Pads: Just The Tip Of The Iceberg When It Comes To Uses For Foam

Foam is an extremely versatile word. It is used to describe everything from the topping of a beer or a cappuccino to the breaking of waves on the shore but is most commonly seen in its artificial manufactured form, which is used in all manner of everyday situations. Foam brushes can be used for painting the frames of your cabinets if you don’t have a small roller.

Top 4 Signs When You Need To Change Your kitchen floor

In spite all the cleaning and maintenance you’ve done, you will eventually need to change your old kitchen flooring  as it is not made to last a lifetime. Some may last for few years, while some can last for decades, depending on material quality, how the vinyl flooring or tile is used and maintained. 


Before painting be sure to cover your floor completely to protect it from pain spills and over sprays.


Hanging Crown Molding in a Room

Hanging crown molding in a room is a great DIY project that can be accomplished in a day or less. Adding crown molding will add class and elegance to any kitchen. You have many choices of molding to decide on, including styles, wood, MDF fiberboard, painted, or stained. If you decide on MDF, don’t use it in high moisture areas such as a kitchen or bathroom as the humidity can cause it to warp. It can also dress up the simplest kitchen cabinets.