How To Repair Sandstone Steps | Ask This Old House

How To Repair Sandstone Steps | Ask This Old House

Forewarned Is Forearmed

The problem with the internet is that, when you search for something, you get a lot of something else with it. So, when I searched for DIY help and advice, I also got more than my fair share of DIY disasters and accidents.

How to Build Your Own Backyard Chicken Coop

Many people assume that chicken coops take a long time to build. Well, I’m here to tell you that those assumptions are all false. The chicken coop building process is actually an easy and even enjoyable process once you learn the proper tips and techniques.

DIY Solar Panels – 3 Simple Panel Designs to Help Convert Your House to a “Green” Home

Going “green” constructing your own DIY solar panels, is a project that is easily achievable for any homeowner at a very affordable price. Learning how to build a solar power generating system using the sun’s energy and converting it to electricity can be accomplished by downloading information and guidelines from the Internet. Many do-it-yourself e-books provide complete schematic instructions on how to build simple and complex solar power energy producing systems.

Solar Panel E-Books Instructions – Fabricating Your Own Solar Power Panels To Save on Your Utilities

Online you can get solar panel e-books with detailed instructions to make your own solar panels, and reduce your conventional utility company energy consumption. Following the informational guidelines of your solar power e-books, it is very possible to build a solar energy generating system large enough to eliminate your home’s need to be tied to the national electrical power grid. A properly designed system can make any house 100% energy self-sufficient, eliminating the entire utility bill.

How to Install Drainage Piping

Installing drainage piping requires some small degree of knowledge about how to determine slopes and grades. Drainage piping in order to function, must run or slope downhill to allow water to flow. If you are able to use a builders level it will make your installation that much easier. You must first determine the size of the pipe you are going to need to carry the amount of water in a storm and then add approximately 50% more capacity for 100 year storms. If you can get by with a four inch pipe, use a six inch pipe to assure the pipe is capable of carrying just about any amount it needs to handle. We will use a six inch diameter pipe for this discussion. If you are starting your pipe at a catch basin or other collection point, you will need to determine the height of the outlet of the basin relative to the height of the point where you want the pipe to exit or end. Using a builder’s level, it is done in this manner. Set up the level and tripod in a position where you can see both the starting point and………

Fixing Squeaky Stairs

Floors and stairs that squeak when walked on are one of the most common complaints of people with traditional strip-wood flooring, though even floors made with laminated wood panels can develop squeaks over time. While squeaking floors and stairs may indicate a problem with the house foundations, in most cases it is simply a sign that the timber used has fully dried and shrunk. Thankfully, with a little effort and some basic tools, the majority of annoying squeaks can be silenced without the need to remove or replace stumps or flooring.

What Is Smart Energy and How Is It Beneficial?

Have you ever thought about monitoring the amount of energy that you use every day? Monitoring energy usage effectively is useful for everybody, especially for the ones who take the sensible decision of decreasing its consumption.

How to Replace Hydronic Heating Baseboard Covers

If your existing baseboard heating metal covers are showing their age from multiple coats of paint, rust or physical damage, it is possible for the DIY’er to replace them. Just not real easily. The back wall pieces seldom sustain any damage simply because they are out of harms way. The front covers and movable vents pieces however are often lost or the vent hinges are gone. Front covers get kicked or scraped and the paint deteriorates over time making them unsightly. Replacement piece for piece is often not possible as manufacturers change their designs just enough that new front covers will not fit on older models. New front covers also require replacement of the back panel as the vent piece and front cover mountings are different as well. Using a screw gun, pry bar and a pair of good quality metal snips, removal of the old pieces is not too difficult. Not to say it is not a pain in the butt but wearing a pair of gloves to prevent cuts from the sheet metal is a great idea. The trick is to do the removal and replacement without having to disconnect or damage the heat piping itself. Start by…

How to Finish a Wood Patio Deck

Learn how to build a patio deck using the best deck plans. If you are handy with tools, and you enjoy building your own projects, this will not be very difficult to build. The first step will be to get some deck plans. Having the right deck plans will be a very important step you must take to build a deck.

Storage Sheds: How to Choose a Shed Foundation

I wrote this guide for people new to shed building, and tried to stay away from technical terms. I hope it helps you have an understanding of shed foundations so you can make an informed decision about what type you need.