How to Replace a Common Door Lock | Ask This Old House

How to Replace a Common Door Lock | Ask This Old House

Making the Grade – Keeping Water Out of Your Home

Proper grading and draining around a home is one of those things that few people see when shopping for a home, and yet it can have one of the most significant impacts on a homes condition and the health of its occupants. As a professional home inspector, I would say improper grading is one of the more common defects I find.

Metal Anchors Used for Heavy Duty Mounting

If you have just recently heard of metal anchors and are hoping to get some information on the net then you have stumbled on the right article. In this post I am going to explain what anchors are and how they are used to better secure fixings. Even though the concept of anchorage is simple to understand it is still beneficial to understand just how anchors work so that you can carry out the best job when mounting a heavy object.

Why Packaged Fasteners Are So Popular

Have you ever walked into a hardware store? I am sure that you have, if not, do yourself a favour and go into one and have a look around in the fastener section so that you know what I am talking about when I mention packaged fasteners. Your packaged fasteners are actually a very popular thing with the do it yourself kind of person.

Solving Damp Proof Problems

Older Homes often come with Damp Problems; there may be no Damp Proof Course, take a good look around your house is there a fault, cracked wall or blockage through the home where water could be getting in? Often a simple inspection will tell you that you may have a damp problem, even before it gets too awful.

The Two Ways To Buy Fasteners

Fasteners are an essential part of just about any do it yourself home improvement project. If you have ever been into a large hardware store you will most likely have noticed that there are two ways to buy fasteners. There are pre-packed fasteners and loose fasteners that you can buy by weight.

Safety Proofing Stairs For Homeowners Made Simple

Many people fall every year on stairs and are injured, some seriously. Although a tumble down the stairs for one of my children is probably not catastrophic, although it certainly could be, for my nearly 90 year old father would be very serious indeed. People can die, break bones that may never fully heal, and suffer head trauma. Fortunately, although one elderly relative has fallen recently and been rushed to the hospital, no one has been seriously injured, what can you do to help prevent these types of problems? There is some common sense best practices, like paying attention, not carrying too many items, using the handrail, etc. but there are also things you can do to make staircases safer for all users. Here is a short list of some of the most common and effective techniques.

How to Install a Vanity Unit

Hello neighbor. So you’re thinking about installing a new vanity sink. If you don’t consider yourself the handy man or handy woman, it really isn’t as complicated as you think.

Gas Suppliers May Hold Your Life In Their Hands

You have got two options when it comes to running things like your stove and heaters. You can either use gas or you can use electricity. It is said that gas is cheaper and more accurate. You do need to be aware the gas has its own dangers though. This is why choosing the right gas suppliers is so important.

Modern Chateau: How Custom Woodwork Changes a Home

Custom millwork is one of the best ways to add value to your home. Appraisers score features like hardwoods, crown molding, and wood paneling higher than typical floor and wall materials like carpet, tile, etc.

How to Remove Super Glue Spills From Your Carpet

No matter how hard we try, accidents can still occur and you can end up with something like super glue on your carpet. This is not something that can’t be undone, but to be successful you must use the proper techniques.