How to Replace a Deck Joist Hanger | Ask This Old House

How to Replace a Deck Joist Hanger | Ask This Old House

Shed Building: Tips to a Better Shed

It is not surprising that anyone building a shed for the first time will have many questions on how to complete the project successfully. This article contains a few tips in the areas of planning, purchasing, foundations, framing and finishing that need to be considered carefully to make the shed building process run smoothly. What should come to mind first and foremost for anyone is planning. Get together a sound set of shed plans, your list of tools, an estimate of how much material is going to be required before diving in. Having a good plan is the first step in doing anything the right way.

Remodeling a 1920’s Era Craftsman Home: A Do-It-Yourself Odyssey

As the new owner of a 1924 craftsman home “fixer-upper”, I was extremely excited to begin remodeling. The home had first been remodeled in the 1970’s with the addition of laminate floors and sola-tubes. In the 1990’s dual pane windows were installed. Since that time, the home was rented to rotating groups of college students resulting in huge neglect.

How Much Does A Handyman Cost?

How much does a handyman cost? Why is there such a difference in cost?

10-Minute DIY: Bypass Thermostat to Test Your HVAC Unit

Your A/C isn’t working? Don’t panic. Don’t call your heating and air company just yet, because the problem might not even be with the furnace itself. Nope – it could actually be an overworked or outdated thermostat.

Painting Your Home’s Exterior: An Easy Do-It-Yourself Home Improvement Project for the New Homeowner

Painting is a common choice for a homeowner’s DIY project. It requires relatively few special tools and the skills are easy to learn. If you are new to the do-it-yourself world, painting your house is a great first step. Follow this guide to pick up some tips, tricks, and techniques to get your first project off on the right foot. A simple guide to exterior painting for homeowners, with tips on selecting paint and tools and applying the paint, for a successful DIY project.

Build Your First Shed Using A Shed Kit

If you are set on constructing a garden shed, be sure you do a bit of homework and studying to begin with. If you’re a carpenter or skilled handy-man you possess an edge over the newbie, in several ways. It will be easier to figure out which is best for you, either building with a shed kit or building using you own shed plans. Using your skills you possess provides more options based upon knowing how to work with wood.

How To Prevent Wood Rot

Building anything made of wood that is going outside needs protection against the weather. Follow these easy steps to prevent for and make your wood last decades instead of months.

5 Simple Steps to Soil Testing and a Beautiful Lawn

Soil testing sounds intimidating, but it isn’t. Discover how easy these 5 steps really are and start giving your lawn what it really needs.

How To Install Drop Ceiling Grids?

A drop ceiling grid has become an important part of every home today. These grids are present in every room and are very useful, whether it is for decorative purposes or, their main use, covering up wires and plumbing. Drop ceiling grids help you get a more uniform level on your ceiling which usually has a lot of the objects running on it.

Keep Repair And Replacement Costs Low By Purchasing A Quality Home Warranty Plan

Homeowners purchase appliances and systems within their home in accordance to their basic needs, preferences, and desires. Every household needs electricity, and with it a slew of home appliances that make life a lot more convenient-stoves or ovens for whipping up delectable dishes (and occasionally experimenting for celebratory dinners, bake sales, or parties), refrigerators for safe storage of perishable food, clothes washers and dryers to make going through loads of laundry a breeze, and heating and air conditioning units to regulate the indoor temperature no matter what the season, to name a few. Of course, as time passes…