How To Replace European Cabinet Hinges

How To Replace European Cabinet Hinges


Belkin Broadens the Abilities of Its WeMo App

Belkin is quietly expanding and improving it’s partnerships for it’s WeMo Home Automation software. Using a variety of interconnected devices for home energy monitoring, motion detection and appliance control.

Finding Woodworking Projects and Plans for Beginners

Woodworking projects are not easy. Transforming a log of tree into something beautiful and admiring requires lot of time and effort from your end.

Here are some ways to refinish those kitchen cabinets you have already.

DIY Floor Coatings – Why You Should Try It

Everyone is raving about DIY floor coatings. You need to know why you should try it especially if you want to create a safer living environment.

5 Steps to Selecting the Perfect Interior Design Style for Your Home or Apartment

For many homeowners deciding on a theme or style for the interior of their home seems about as simple as splitting an atom or negotiating peace in the Middle East. Daunted by an overload of magazines, web-sites, books and television shows each presenting dazzlingly photographed interiors filled with chic, stylish and wildly desirable objects and each slapping an editorial spin on what this look will be called; is it any wonder that most homes languish in an unfocused design haze far longer than necessary? To cut through the clutter and the confusion here are 5 Steps…

When the Word “Fall” Is Not a Good Thing

Last time we shared some ideas to “seniorize” your home. In this issue we’re focused on fall… or more specifically falling. For those of us who aren’t elderly yet, those “fallen and can’t get up” television commercials might seem overly dramatic – as if they’re just trying to scare us in to buying their product. But the truth is that falling is the most common cause of injury or even death in seniors. In a class offered at the University of California, San Francisco, students of geriatric studies experience what it’s like to be elderly. They’re given ear plugs to simulate hearing loss. They put popcorn kernels in their shoes so they can feel how panful it is to walk with peripheral neuropathy. In another of these experiences students are given glasses which simulate how difficult it is to see as you get older. Seemingly normal well-adjusted adults experienced everything from sadness to panic as they discovered just how difficult it is to do “normal tasks” because of the inability to see, hear or walk comfortably.

Choosing Perfect Paint Colors for Rooms in Your House Using These Five Smart Steps

The question I’m asked most often has to do with choosing paint colors for rooms in a home. This list of questions grows monthly but seems to fall into one of three categories: 1. I have no idea where to start 2. I have begun the process but am drowning in options 3. My husband/wife/partner and I disagree While no system is perfect here are five steps that will move your closer to choosing perfect paint colors for rooms in your house every time.

Fun ‘Do It Yourself’ Ideas

Being in possession of a wild bunch of unused, old stuff, can be pretty annoying. At the same time, having to discard all of your old things, feels like cheating on your memories.

Aging in Place: Is the Family Home Safe?

These days it makes financial sense for seniors to stay in their homes as long as possible. With the cost of assisted care skyrocketing (as much as $70,000 per year in metropolitan areas) staying in the family home allows seniors to stay where they are comfortable and familiar, while keeping financial worries at bay for as long as possible. But is it safe to age in place in the family home? Here are some tips for “seniorizing” home sweet home.

How to Hang a Door

Hanging a door is one of the most satisfying of all DIY jobs but it can be the most challenging. Here’s how to get it right.

How To Handle Tough Upholstery Stains

Proper care of your upholstery can ensure that it lasts for a long time. With the right kind of maintenance, your upholstered furniture can last for decades. But despite how well you take care of your furniture, spills and stains are certain to take place. While all spills can eventually lead to stains, some are certainly worse than others.