How to Replace Staircase Balusters | Ask This Old House

How to Replace Staircase Balusters | Ask This Old House

Quick Home Maintenance Tips For Winterizing Your Home

Home Maintenance doesn’t have to be hard when you know what to do and who to call for professional services. Some people who have just purchased homes have no idea how to maintain it or who to call to help out. People who are selling their homes may not understand the need to still maintain it so it can be sold instead of having to be totally remodeled because they didn’t take precautions.

Winter Home Maintenance

Prepare your home for winter with these simple home maintenance tips. This few tips can help you prevent water damage and save from the need of mold remediation.

Home Safety Tips for the Holidays

Don’t create an opportunity for criminals to pilfer the plethora of gifts from under your tree, and avoid unexpected and tragic events that can ruin the joy of the holiday season. Here are a few holiday home safety tips to help keep you and your family safe from grinches and enjoying the holidays worry free.

Installing a Drip Lawn Irrigation System Yourself

Most people look at the task of building a lawn irrigation system with dread. The dread that they feel can often lead them to calling in the professionals for a job they could well do themselves. Installing a lawn irrigation system is quite a bit of serious work; but it’s straightforward enough that anyone handy about the house could complete the job themselves and pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

TV Brackets Enhances Viewing Experiences

People buy LCD flat panel screens to enjoy watching their favorite TV programs. Although they view the show on the television screen, the ultimate viewing experience comes from having the television mounted on the right TV brackets.

Build Your Own Shed: Wood Sheds Are Beautiful

Wood sheds can be elegant and beautiful. You may want to Build Your Own Shed to store your lawn tools or if you live in a cooler area of the country you maybe want a place to store your winter tools and probably a snow blower in the summer.

5 Top Tips Before Starting Your Wood Craft Project

If your just starting out in the art of wood craft or any form of woodworking and would like some advice or any help, then please feel free to read my TOP 5 tips to get you started and give you an idea of what is best for you. If you don’t know where to start or you just like dip your toes in for a taste then getting helpful tips like this will get you started on the right foot, and who know’s maybe you could be pretty good at this and make it fantastic hobby.

Do Solar Panels Damage Roofing?

One of the complications people ask when thinking about solar panel installation is will solar panels actually damage their roof? This is a common refrain and though solar panels can be placed anywhere there is direct sunlight, the roof is the best place to put this since there are no covers/shadows in different types of the day. Solar Panels do not damage roofing but if the roof is already old or damaged any amount of weight placed on it will definitely take a toll on it.

Basement Water and Basement Wall Damage From Settling Problems

Settling problems are a common source of basement water and basement wall damage. Uneven pressure of the ground against the footer or the wall stresses the structure to the point of cracks or fractures. It may be a major or minor problem to repair depending on the type and location of the resulting wall crack or wall fracture.

My Shed Plans – Easy to Build Garden Sheds

Are you thinking about building a garden shed or storage shed this year? You’ll need a good set of shed plans. Learn where to get plans for a wooden shed you can be proud of.