How to Replicate Antique Staircase Balusters | Ask This Old House

How to Replicate Antique Staircase Balusters | Ask This Old House

DIY: Make Your Own Coat Rack

You may not be the best carpenter in town, but following the tips below, your coat rack will be the most unique, priceless and incomparable. Here, I recommend a 16-inch horizontal coat rack with 5 coat racks.

Woodworking Plans for the House

Whether it’s some simple table, cabinet, chair, or a cat tree, everything has a plan so it can be built just right. In the case of woodworking, it takes a bit of effort that if done improperly, can cause a lot of grief and wasted time and material. To avoid that, plan ahead, and get plans!

Solar Lights, Are They Decorative?

Sure, solar lights don’t use electricity but do they look good? At this time of year, we all want the outside of our home to look good even colorful. Solar lights come in such a variety of styles, colors, and materials that you should be able to find one that fits your need for light and decoration.

Playhouse Plans – 10 Steps On The Topic Of How To Build a Playhouse Your Kids Will Love

Building a playhouse from playhouse plans purchased over the internet for your kids is much like building a shed for yourself except it is much fancier and safer because you know your children will be playing in it.  And if done with the right frame of mind, it can be a family project and you will get as much excitement and fun out of creating the playhouse as your kids will have playing in it.  To get you started in the right direction here are the basics to help you build a playhouse for your kids.

What to Look for to Get the Best Garage Door Opener

If you’re in the market for a new garage door opener, or maybe you’re buying your first one, you need some tips to guide you in the right direction. When you buy a new system, you want to a product that is safe, dependable, and built to last.

Have Problems With Foundation Waterproofing?

Foundation waterproofing falls into two categories, interior and exterior. Most waterproofing work is done on the interior of the home because of the labor and expense involved.

Wood Shed Plans Guide

We can do most of our family projects, including a wooden shed, if you follow the wood shed plan as required. I like do-it-yourself spirit and it works most of the time. For people who love to work with wood in the open air, following a wood shed plans can be a great choice and…

Skip Hiring Made Easy

Skips are heavy duty open top metal box containers available for hire to fill up with general non-hazardous waste. They are convenient for use as the hire service includes delivery to your location, and also the collection when you have filled it up with the waste. The waste is then sorted and re-cycled as much as possible as part of this hire and waste disposal service.

Solar Powered Vehicles – Make the Right Decision of Online Solar Supplier

Solar powered vehicles or car can be described in simple words as cars that work on solar power. However, this definition is changing nowadays because the plug-in electric vehicle can be charged with the help of the solar panel installed in their homes.

How To Repair Drywall in 9 Simple Steps

Drywall repair is a straightforward process that just about any homeowner can learn to do. The purpose of the following guide is to help the beginner do-it-yourselfer accomplish his/her first drywall repair, with minimal steps, tools and materials.