How to Troubleshoot a Dimmer Switch | Ask This Old House

How to Troubleshoot a Dimmer Switch | Ask This Old House

How to Secure Your Gutters So They Won’t Come Loose

External house gutters are available today made of both aluminum and vinyl materials. Gutters intended to catch rain water often become clogged with debris or filled with ice and snow in the Northern climates and quickly fail their anchors. Aluminum gutters are fastened either with gutter spikes and ferrules or…..

Building a Homemade Camper

There many reasons as to why someone might decide to build their own homemade camper. Whether it is because of saving money, to have exactly what you want or you love new challenges but the great thing is that you will have a lot to choose from.

How To Fix An Off Track Garage Door?

Garage doors are usually moved up and down to use; if your garage door give problem off track, you must fix it immediately because you keep not only your car in the garage but there are many valuables which are kept in the garage; open or loose door of the garage may give you a big loss. The garage door is moved up and down by the help of door rollers; these door rollers are held by the brackets that are attached to the door; the rollers have a rod that fits into the bracket sleeve while roller itself…

Dog Cart Plans – Things to Consider in Building a Cart for Your Dog

Whether you want your dog to have its much needed exercise or you simple want your pet to help with the chores, dog carts are amazing thing to have for your pet. And with quality dog cart plans, it is easy to build too if you have just an afternoon to spare for this project.

Root Cellar Plans – Things to Consider in Building the Perfect Storage For Your Crops

Are you in need of space to properly store your crops? A root cellar might be the perfect solution to your dilemma. The good thing is, with excellent root cellar plans, this is a structure you can build yourself if you have carpentry skills as well as tools.

Which Windmill Plans Will You Choose?

Windmills can add a beautiful rustic country feel to any yard. They make great decor and can be functional too. Those are just two great reasons why you should build one using windmill plans.

Using Fireplace Mantel Plans to Light Up A Room

People use fireplace mantels for many reasons. It’s not uncommon to walk into a home and see a long line of family photos adorning a fireplace mantel. Many also use it as a great way to accessorize with some decorative pieces and give the fireplace an even warmer and cozier feel to it.

Choosing Wood for Fireplace Mantel Plans

Fireplace mantels can add a ton of personality to a room with a fireplace. Unfortunately though, not all rooms with fireplaces come with prebuilt fireplace mantels. You can easily remedy this, however, by picking up a good set of fireplace mantel plans on building one on your own.

Building A Gun Cabinet With Gun Cabinet Plans

Gun cabinets are important for many reasons. They give you some place to put your guns when they’re not in use. They provide a safe place to lock up your guns in order to keep them out of the hands of underage persons who could likely harm themselves.

Keeping The Legend Alive With Wishing Well Plans

The term wishing well is derived from European folklore and describes a well where any wish that is spoken would be granted. The idea was that water housed deities had been placed into wishing wells as a gift from the gods and that they would grant wishes.