How To Use A Jig Saw (Sabre Saw)

How To Use A Jig Saw (Sabre Saw)

How to Replace Your Timber Shed Base

Quick guide on how to install a timber shed base. It’s that time of year when everyone starts to venture back out into the garden only to find that their shed base has gone past the point of repair. Timber bases are designed to last for up to 5 – 10 years so it’s quite common for these to fail before the shed. This means it’s sometimes necessary to replace the base before the shed.

DIY Home Maintenance Spring Checklist

If you’re a home owner what DIY home maintenance tasks should you do? Here’s a short list of essential home maintenance tasks you should consider every spring to get your house ready for summer.

It’s Gardening Time

As the weather changes in different parts of the country, more and more homeowners spend time outside, preparing and planting gardens, cleaning up their yards, and so many other activities that take us outdoors. Unfortunately, this leaves our homes vulnerable to unwanted visitors and thieves, if we are not able to visually monitor our front door or driveway while working outside.

Prepare Your Home for Spring Rains

April showers bring May flowers? April storms and downpours can wreak havoc with your home if you are not prepared. In this article we will guide you step by step through the inspection process of your home’s exterior in preparation for the spring rains.

Outdoor Table Fireplace

Outdoor fireplace that looks like a classy table, only fire comes out of the surface when lit. Learn how to build one.

Hand Saws! They Will Never Be Replaced For Real Craftsmen!

Electric power tools have generally replaced handsaws inside the toolboxes of countless craftsmen. But furniture manufacturers, particularly those who choose to minimize joinery the conventional way, could hardly get along without them. There are numerous shapes and sizes to select from however there are just two standard forms of the traditional western saw — rip and crosscut. Japanese crosscut saws, which numerous American carpenters now utilize, are essentially diverse.

Basic Woodworking Projects

Learn from a real master in his profession, let him take you step by step allowing you to produce the most beautiful timber products you have laid your eyes on. Don’t you owe it to yourself to take a look at just what is on offer?

Why You Need to Use Paving Contractors for Your Paving Requirements

There are many things that home owners love to do around their homes to beautify and up grade them. Many of these things are fairly easy and most self respecting men out there are not shy to tackle a do it yourself project, as long as it is within their comfort zone or at least within their level of ability, no sense in embarrassing yourself and upsetting your wife all in the same day. Some home upgrade projects like tiling, brick laying, plastering and paving are often best left to professional contractors, paving in particular benefits most from the attention…

Subwoofer Sound Treatment: Why To Use Speaker Isolation Decoupling Pads and How to Make Your Own

Whether you’re an audiophile or someone trying to get the most value out of their equipment, everybody wants their stereo or home theater setup to sound as good as possible. To get the best bass and low-frequency performance out of subwoofers, the solution is to isolate or decouple them from their resting surface. This article will explain why this is important, as well as how to easily create your own DIY subwoofer decoupling pad.

Hassles of Handling Mold

There are over 100,000 species of mold. Some are readily detectable because of their musty odor and the appearance of black or white patches in areas that normally contain water-such as a bathroom or kitchen. However, some are not so easily identified, and removing them permanently can be a seriously daunting task.