Pex A vs Pex B – What’s The Difference?

Pex A vs Pex B - What's The Difference?

How to Fit a Kitchen Sink Yourself

If you are thinking of buying a new kitchen sink, why not consider fitting it yourself? You really need to make sure you do a lot of planning and research so you can be sure that you possess the relevant skills. There would be nothing worse than embarking on a renovation and later finding that you can’t complete it, forced then to get the professionals in – who might have to start all over again.

Home Improvements Increase Value

By Improving some key areas of your home you will be able to maximize your properties selling potential. Not only will you be able to get top dollar for your house, it has been proven that properties which are in a good state of repair and have the WOW factor in at least one room sell quicker. Investing in your current property in the right areas will be a wise investment

Collated Screws – Use For A Commercial Screw Gun

If you have not heard of them before, then collated screws are fasteners, but they are ones that do not come in a box, but come in plastic strips instead. Indeed they actually come in a collated plastic belt that has a double chamfered plastic collar, which ensures the easy and effective release of the collated screws. To take a step back collated screws come in these handy plastic belts so that they can be used with commercial screw guns.

Cable Ties – The Simplest And Most Used Fastener

As fasteners go the most simple one that we can think of that has ever been invented must be the cable tie. They are made of very strong nylon, which is very hard to cut even with a Stanley knife, and larger ones can be a struggle even with scissors. They can be bought in a wide range of lengths and widths, meaning that there will be one available for just about any kind of application that you need a cable tie for.

Dealing With Flooding And Water Removal

Knowing what to do if a flood strikes is something that many people will be unfamiliar with, especially if they live in an area where flooding is particularly rare. But taking the right measures beforehand and during any flooding can help to minimize the damage and can also help to speed up any water removal.

Basic Tool Kit for DIY Home Repairs

Home design and repair can be an expensive and daunting task but with a little research and planning several tasks can be done without calling out local contractors by doing it yourself. Once you know what you want and you have the materials to do the job, you will need to know what tools are needed to execute your decoration. I have given a few basic tools that I have used in the past to get most jobs done without getting too expensive.

What You Need to Know About Hurricanes and Water Damage

Hurricane season brings with it increased vulnerability for water damage to your home. Here we will review what you need to know in order to avoid or lessen the effects of water damage by extreme weather.

4 Tips to Removing Carpet Stains at Home

Looking for ways to clean your carpets without emptying your pockets? Here we will review 4 easy ways to clean your carpets using items you probably already have lurking beneath the kitchen sink.

Building a Shed: A Woodworking Project for Beginners

If you are looking to introduce yourself to the world of woodworking, building a shed is an excellent project to get your started. With a variety of innovative shed plans available to you at little cost, you’ll be able to put together a nice durable, and fully functional shed.

Ten Things to Know When Choosing an Extractor Fan

Are you trying to choose an extractor fan and getting bamboozled by technical terminology? Here are ten simple guidelines which will ensure you get exactly the right fan.