Quick Tip for Spacing Balusters Evenly | Ask This Old House

Quick Tip for Spacing Balusters Evenly | Ask This Old House

Refacing a Brick Fireplace With Concrete

Fireplaces can be the best part of a room’s decor or they can be the worst. There is nothing like an unattractive fireplace to make decorating a nightmare.

5 Easy DIY Solar Energy Projects

One thing that I’ve realized is that people don’t start their own renewable energy solar energy projects because they become intimidated by the projects. People tend to become intimidated by solar energy projects that look hard. But people would be amazed to know that solar power is less complex than it seems to be. Give it a try, and I’m sure that once you see how easy it is, you’re going to want to do this for the rest of your life. That’s what happened to me when I tried it.

Building a Wood Shed

From a simple wood shed to a huge barn sized structure, you can make a shed to match nearly every need. However, building a wood shed by yourself calls for some woodworking abilities. That’s why it is essential to take a few items into consideration before you seize a hammer and start creating one.

Can a Koi Pond Be Fullfilling and Rewarding to a Person That Wants to Build Their Very Own Koi Pond?

Koi ponds are great fun and in this article we show you things to talk about before you make your own koi pond. Koi ponds can be a great reward to a person, however you need to know what you are getting yourself into. So we help to enlighten you on the work load and the pleasures of starting your pond.

Inspiration for Your Closet

Using clothes hangers, like coat hangers, wood hangers, and specialty hangers will help with your closet. A clothes hanger can make or break a closet.

The Rotating Fireplace

Every once in awhile, I come across a completely new fireplace idea. I know not everyone can duplicate it. We all have different homes, different spaces, and different styles. But, I love sharing new ideas about fireplace design just in case anyone would like to give it a try.

For The Love Of Fasteners!

For those of you who are not clued up on the subject of home improvements or DIY, the thought of having to choose between different types of fasteners such as nuts, bolts and screws may send you into a bit of a head spin. With so many fasteners to choose from each used to fulfill a specific function it is no wonder people get confused. In this article I will be explaining the basic types of fasteners and what you use them for.

DIY Projects Don’t Need To Entail Tons Of Cement And Energy!

My husband definitely likes DIY projects! If I ask him to change a light bulb, he responds with “do it yourself”! If I ask him to take out the trash, ditto: “Do it yourself”. And any guesses on his answer when I ask him to scrub the dishes? Let Gladys do it! (Gladys is our dish washer!)

Precisely What Are Wall Anchors?

Wall anchors are usually what you will make use of to hang photos from or place shelving on if you would like this attached directly to the actual wall. They come in a myriad of sizes and shapes and can manage a wide variety of different weights. Here are a few directions for implementing a few wall anchors.

Using A Hilti Gun Safely And Securely

So many people are resorting to carrying out any home projects on a do it yourself basis in order to cut costs. One important thing that may help make your life much easier is actually a Hilti gun. The very first thing you may ask will be, exactly what is a Hilti gun.