Should I Use A Drill Or Impact Driver?

Should I Use A Drill Or Impact Driver?

New SnapStone Glazed Porcelain Floor Tile Review

If you are thinking about use the new SnapStone Porcelain Floor Tile that is out now, you will want to take the time to read this. I decided to use this tile in my bathroom in a very old house. The results that I got with this tile were much better then I expected that it would be.

Turning Your Home Into a Personal Resort

There’s nothing like going on vacation. Whether you love the high end spa treatment or you prefer “roughing it” in the woods, it’s always nice to get away. Part of the enjoyment is a change of scenery. What if you changed the scenery at home before your trip so you can enjoy a new environment at home too? Here are a few simple ideas to freshen up your home and make you feel like you’re visiting a fresh new resort. 1. Give yourself the spa treatment. You can turn your bathroom into a spa-like environment. Consider new, modern light fixtures, replacing the tub or even updating your sink and bathroom cabinets. Gone are the days of heavy looking closed-in sink cabinets. These days pedestal sinks and open shelving is in. Or upgrade to a low flow toilet and water efficient shower to create a beautiful new look while you’re conserving water.

Use Decorative Concrete to Decorate Your Home

For many of us, building a new home is something that is a lifelong desire. Be it exquisite painted walls or world-class furniture and spacious rooms, there is a lot that we expect from our dream home. However, there is one aspect that many of us do not consider.

18 Steps On How To Install A Ceiling Fan

These steps are how to install a generic standard ceiling fan. If you have a more decorative fan please consult your installation instructions included with the fan. Step 1. Turn off switch and breaker to the electrical box. Step 2. Remove existing fan or light fixture. If you don’t have an existing fixture with an electrical box please contact an electrician to have one installed.

Top 3 Ways to Make Decorative Concrete

Many of us might be bored of the plain floor surfaces that we might have in our homes. Well, if you are bored of seeing mundane colored walls or flowing surfaces or even dull driveways and patios, there is an option waiting for you. You need to make the use of decorative concrete.

Stainless Steel Railing

The basics for a stainless steel railing system are posts (either square or round), top rail, and infill. Common infill options are stainless steel cable, variations of glass, or stainless steel bars. Other necessities include base covers for the posts, post mounted hand rail brackets for mounting top rails, and end caps or wall returns for the top rails.

Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle – Reclaiming Space in Your Home in Unexpected Ways

It’s happened to all of us. You come home every day to the same old house and you probably do the same things when you get there. Perhaps you take off your shoes, put down your keys and or purse in the entry way and read the mail. Then you pour yourself a nice cold glass of your favorite beverage and suddenly it strikes you… There’s stuff all over your stairs, you don’t have enough space to store (or even hide) everything – and all of the ideas you have to solve this problem are either too much work or too. BORING!! Today’s article was written to inspire you to think outside the box and maybe even find some uses for things that have been taking up space in the garage for years. Here are some unexpected and fun ways to reclaim space in your home.

Ten-Point Checklist For Sump Pump Maintenance

To help prevent disaster, it is recommended to check your sump pump a minimum of 2-3 times a year, at the start of the spring, summer and fall. Here is a ten-point checklist to help guide homeowners on how to check for proper sump pump operation.

How To Do Ceramic Tile Floor Installation

If you are an avid do-it-yourself home improvement person, you will probably eventually try ceramic tile floor installation. You can completely transform the look of a room by adding ceramic tile. It is a great choice for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, mud rooms and other areas of the home. There are many steps involved in installing tile, depending on various factors such as the base floor foundation, size of tile and the type of tile chosen. Here is a basic guide to get you started on your project.

Costly Mistakes Made When Hiring Movers

There are numerous moving companies operating all over America. However, each one of them is different from the other. Finding the right one could be a hectic task. This is because everyone wants to hire a reliable company, but that is not easy with numerous fraudulent companies having entered the market.