The 2022 Tommy Awards | This Old House

The 2022 Tommy Awards | This Old House

Build a Snow Cave or Igloo

Whether you’re a member of the indigenous peoples that inhabit the cold, northern regions of the world, or just someone who lives in a snowy climate and also happens to be curious about snow shelters, knowing how to construct an igloo or snow cave may come handy some day. These humble structures made of packed snow are in many snowy, survival situations, the only viable means of shelter.

Refinishing Your Wooden Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets, particularly those made of wood, can get worn fairly quickly since they are used practically every day. Fortunately refinishing your wood kitchen cabinets is a pretty simple undertaking that can improve the entire look of your kitchen.

The Three Major Types of Power Tool Batteries

Cordless tool batteries are certainly a requirement in order for us to be able to use cordless power tools like a cordless power drill, hedge trimmer, leaf blower and many more. When buying a cordless power tool for your household projects, keep in mind that battery voltage is not the only important factor to consider. Other factors such as the battery’s amp/hour capacity as well as its type should not be taken for granted when purchasing batteries for your cordless power tools.

An Easy DIY Home Security Project: Vanishing Wireless Door or Window Sensors

If you are a homeowner, you may already have some type of home security system; ensure your windows and doors are protected with vanishing wireless door or sensors. If you already have some home security system, you probably also already know that burglars look for houses that are easy targets with quick pickings. A house with no security system or open windows and doors can make the difference in choosing your house versus your neighbor’s house.

Can You Make a Solar Panel That Works?

Yes, you can. There’s nothing impossible about making a decent solar panel. Even if you don’t consider yourself a great handyman — or handywoman — the skills needed are within the reach of the average person. Most of the required tools are very basic, such as a screwdriver, file, ruler, drill, pencil, and saw. The few non-basic tools, such as a soldering gun and volt meter, are inexpensive or can be borrowed from a friend.

One Wooden Structure to Start Your Own Garden of Eden

A Pergola Plan can be the best decision you made for your garden and can even help you discover your innate designer abilities, or, it can be your worst nightmare leaving you stressed out, frustrated, and cursing all over with an empty wallet in your hands. What are these anyway? Pergolas are light weight, less expensive, open, and outdoor focal points you can have in your backyard or garden.

The Best Methods For Installing External Timber Cladding

External timber cladding can often be employed to create synonymous timber cladding wall. This element helps with the design and style in acoustic wall panels which can be utilized in residential building selections.

Little Giant Utility Pumps – Tips for Use and Care

The most versatile of all the pumps in the Little Giant product lineup are multi-purpose utility pumps, which can be used for many different needs. This article provides some tips for use and care of these versatile pumps.

Four Benefits Available When Pursuing Do-It-Yourself Home Improvement Solutions

Many individuals pursue the unique opportunities that exist with investing in real estate. These forms of investment can vary between a person who buys and sells homes as a source of personal finance, to an individual who is looking for a long-term investment for their family to live within, and benefit from improvements in the housing market.

Identifying Potential Do-It-Yourself Opportunities to Enhance Home Improvement

There are many home improvement opportunities an individual can take advantage of when trying to improve the appearance of their home and increase the value of their property. While hiring a professional may provide a nice opportunity in relation to convenience, the incredible expense associated with these services can often encourage individuals to seek alternatives.