This Old House | Factory Made (S42 E2) FULL EPISODE

This Old House | Factory Made (S42 E2) FULL EPISODE

What To Know About Basement Insulation

Basements are often not properly insulated and that will cause problems. Learn how to do this yourself.

Easy Dog House Plans for You and Your Best Friend

A dog house is a relatively easy project, but it is not a no-brainer. A good plan will make it a good experience. Here I share some dog care tips and carpentry tips as well.

How To Raise Your Home’s Value

All of us look for ways to increase our home’s value, the idea being to do all we can to make it more valuable between the time we buy it and the time we sell it. Obviously the maximum return on investment is a good idea, so how can you make your home generate money for you?

How To Build A Barbecue Smoker From Wood

The traditional European smoker would have been made out of wood but then it didn’t function exactly like a modern American hot smoker. Is it possible to build a modern day smoker out of the traditional materials?

How To Build A Solar Panel – Determining How Much Energy You Use

So you’re considering building your own solar panels? One of the initial steps you should take is to determine how much electricity your home is currently using. There are a couple ways this can be done. Either through a simple watt-meter, a whole house meter, or by reading the electric meter on your home. It’s important to know how much electricity your home uses so you can know how much electricity your solar panels will need to produce to power your home.

Making Your Own Cheap Compost Bin

Composting is an easy way to practice good stewardship of the earth and control garbage odors inside your home. It is one of the lowest hanging fruits in the sustainability, carbon sequestration conversation, as well as a simple way to build up the carbon banks of the earth. In this article, we’ll discuss the basics of composting, and introduce you to a few different ways to compost, followed by links to products that you might find useful.

How to Build a Set of Library Shelves

If you’re lucky enough to have the room to create a home library, making a good plan for shelving, seating and lighting is your first step. We have a room twelve feet wide and eighteen feet long that became our library. Two large windows on one wall provide plenty of natural light and ventilation. Four nice comfy chairs, a small table to sit at, and some nice floor lamps round out the furniture. The window wall is sixteen feet long and eight feet high. The windows are approximately one foot in from each end of the wall. This allowed room for two nice corner shelf units to be built. The balance of the wall space is broken into different height sized shelving unit sections. Some were made just for paperback…

Building Your Own Tiki Bar – 5 Tips That Can Save You Money

Before you start building your own tiki bar I have some cost cutting ideas that can save you time and money. We all know how expensive wood and material can be, so let me show you how to build a tiki bar using some common sense tips even if you have never built anything before.

Garage Floor Painting Tips

There are a lot of things that can be done in a home to make things look presentable and neat. While most people tend to retouch other parts of the house, the garage is an area that most people usually take for granted.

Garage Flooring Tiles

Your garage floor is usually the most abused part of any structure, making the use of garage flooring tiles an essential part of sustaining your clean, safe environment. By placing proper protection on the floor you will be able to keep fluids that leak out of cars from staining or causing unbearable smells.