This Old House | Outside Details (S42 E10) | FULL EPISODE

This Old House | Outside Details (S42 E10) | FULL EPISODE

Using CAD Design Software For Home Design

Learn how to choose and use the best CAD design software program for house design. Find out about modeling, 3D walk-throughs, using libraries and more.

How to Make a Corner Bookshelf For Your Study

Making a corner bookshelf for your study can be a simple one level shelf or a set of shelves with an enclosure. Your first items to do are to pick the material you wish to use for the shelves, select the finishes you will apply and the location where you want the shelves. There are just tons of pre-made shelving kits available today. Corners, straight, pre-edged, scroll work bracket supports and so on. If you choose to do your own here are some helpful hints.

How to Build a Tree House

Building a tree house for the kids is a great way to spend some quality time together and may even teach (heaven forbid) the kids some simple wood working skills. We will cover in this article how to build a basic platform and some sturdy handrails. Using tools found in most homeowners shops this can be done in a few weekends. First select the tree where you intend to place the tree house. It need not be a huge tree but should provide some height and good shade.

12 Simple Tips To Consider Before Buying a DIY Conservatory

Brand new DIY kits in particular require good working knowledge for the installation to be successful. The good news is that extreme handyman skills aren’t really necessary, since DIY conservatory projects are more about assembly than craftsmanship. If you are anxious about the tasks that a conservatory building project entails, take a look at the following.

How to Build a Set of Cabinets

The intended use of your cabinets will have great deal of bearing on the materials and construction methods used to build them. Cabinets for a garage will have less of a finish than a set of for a kitchen or dining room. Cabinet back boxes can be constructed of plywood or…

Removing Clutter and Organize Room for a Better Life!

Living in a cluttered space will definitely affect your daily life. It is said that you cannot be a successful person if you cannot even organize your own surroundings. You cannot think straight, you get distracted, and you feel stuffy if you live in a disorganized room.

Importance Of Using The Right Power Drill

There are many power drills available in the market that it would sometimes be difficult to choose the right one for the projects you need to do. The many available drills offer different features and capabilities that it can confuse those that are not very familiar with a power drill. Those that are not fully knowledgeable of the different power drills would make a mistake of getting the wrong drill.

Nagging Repairs To Take Care of This Spring

As the weather warms, thoughts turn to the home repairs you have been putting off all winter. Here are some projects to tackle as soon as spring arrives.

Useful Organizing Closet Tips

You wake up in the morning and fling open your closet doors so that you can pick out what you’re going to wear for the day. Unfortunately, the task at hand proves to be quite the challenge because you are faced with piles and piles of clothes that you do not know where to start.

The Joy of Woodworking

There it was. A beautiful cabinet that stood tall and deep with a beautiful wood grain finish that was as smooth as glass to the touch. Large deep shelves made up the bulk of the cabinet. Inlaid panel doors enclosed a velvet lined storage area near the bottom and a scrolled fa├žade crowned the top. It was a beauty to behold and I experienced a great deal of satisfaction and pride having planned and created my first wood piece.