This Old House | Roof University (S42 E24) | FULL EPISODE

This Old House | Roof University (S42 E24) | FULL EPISODE

Factors to Consider in Changing Air Compressor Oil

Most oil lubricated compressors have different ways or methods in changing air compressor oil. This is the reason why it is always recommended to keep your compressor’s manual in case it calls for some repairs or replacement, or in this case, oil change.

How to Choose a Shed Plan: Ten Essential Guidelines

Essential Guidelines for how to choose the best shed plan for your project. This article will give you key questions you must ask before purchasing a shed plan. Includes defining your budget, zoning laws, window and door placement, storage assessment, level of plan difficulty and much more.

Install Underfloor Heating With An Easy DIY Guide

For most people, even the thought of stepping out of the shower onto the cold floor can be a nightmare, as I am one of them and have experienced that excruciating chill. Thanks to underfloor heating system, because now walking around home barefoot has become easier in winters and not only this but this amazing system helps to keep the entire house warm and cosy. This incredible heating system is installed under the floor-tiles and are either electrically powered or through a water system.

Home Maintenance Projects That Are Often Forgotten

Some home maintenance issues you cannot forget because accidents and broken items remind you to get them done. However, there are some maintenance issues that are pushed aside until the problem turns into something big.

Build a Magnetic Generator at Home to Save Electricity

Although magnetic generators are not new technology they are not commonly used to produce electricity today. Probably because you would get free electricity and the Power Companies wouldn’t make a dime.

DIY Wind and Solar – Easier Than You Think

If you think it might be hard to build your own wind and solar systems, then think again, because I built my own. I don’t possess any special skills but common sense, and if you can use your hands then you can make your own system also. let me show you how I got started.

Where To Get Over 16000 Downloadable Wood Plans Online At A Great Price

Would you like to get a hold of over 16,000 DIY downloadable wood plans? Are you interested in learning the woodworking craft? In this article I will tell you how you can get access to over 16,000 woodworking projects, as well as talk a little about why having the right plans is necessary.

Instant Access to Thousands of Woodworking Patterns and Woodwork Plans for Your Woodworking Store

Over 16000+ woodworking patterns and woodwork plans joined together into one powerful woodworks tool. Ted Mcgrath a well-known woodworking master, brings his love and passion in working with wood with clear to follow instructions, handbook and instructional video in this simple woodworks site.

Homemade Electricity: Where to Start

If you have taken a look at your power bill recently you are probably among the many people who have second guessed the power company. Did you REALLY use the heat enough to run your bill up to 300 dollars? Does your little TV really pull that much energy?

Chicken Shed Plans – Plan on Your Own and Save Money

A chicken shed is a small building for breeding of poultry, especially small chickens. It provides the chickens shelter against rain, predators and night. The coop is also a form of subsistence farming, often kept at the family level.